Now solar AC is available in the market, no need for electricity, no fear of bills, not even 1 rupee is spent on electricity

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In summer we need AC to escape from the heat. In such a situation, a good news has come out for the people troubled by the huge electricity bill of the air conditioner. Now another new quality of AC has arrived, which is named Solar AC. It can be run without electricity only from solar plate. Let’s know the features and details of Solar AC.

Solar ACs can be purchased room and office wise as it is available in 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton capacity. However, solar ACs cost more as compared to split and window ACs. Solar AC can save 90 percent of electricity.

Therefore, it is a profitable deal in terms of saving electricity. The reduction in electricity bill with solar AC is a very beneficial thing. If it is run accordingly, it is possible that even Re 1 will not have to be spent on electricity.

How much is the cost of Solar AC?

Also, let us tell you that many companies are manufacturing solar AC and the price of this product of most of the companies is also the same. Some accessories will also be available with the solar AC, which also includes items like inverter, solar plate, battery. The cost of 1 ton (1500 Watt) capacity AC of Solar AC is Rs 97 thousand, 1.5 ton AC costs Rs 1.39 lakh and 2 ton capacity AC costs Rs 1.79 lakh.

How will Solar AC work?

Let us tell you that at the time of installing Solar AC, the winning ton is that, the solar plate is installed accordingly. If the solar AC is of 1 ton, then 1500 watt solar plate will be used. This plate will be connected to the inverter and battery. After that the solar plate will charge the battery by taking energy from the sun and AC will run from this battery. If the sun never comes out due to bad weather, then solar AC can also be run on electricity.

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