Pakistan Fires under Indo-China tension, Provokes its Friend

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After supporting Nepal against India, Pakistan has now come forward in front of the ongoing confrontation with China in Ladakh. Pakistan said that China cannot tolerate what India is doing in Ladakh. However, this stance of Pakistan is not shocking, but this is probably the first time Pakistan has jumped in bilateral matters.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that India is responsible for the recent conflict with China because the dispute started only after the illegal construction work started by him in Ladakh.

According to Radio Pakistan’s report, Qureshi said that China wanted to resolve the dispute through negotiations but could not be ignorant on the illegal construction of India. China also asked the global community to take cognizance of India’s hostile policies.

In a conversation with the government TV channel, Pakistan’s foreign minister expressed concern about the construction of India’s roads and airports in the disputed region of Ladakh. Qureshi said that New Delhi’s aggressive policy towards its neighbours is endangering regional stability and peace.

Qureshi said, New Delhi had abolished special status of Kashmir last year. With this step, India’s intention to change the demographic profile of Kashmir was clearly known. Qureshi also claimed that India used the land of Afghanistan against Pakistan.

In a separate statement, Qureshi said, “The world should take cognizance of India’s intentions, which way is it headed?”

Qureshi said, “Sometimes India has problems with Nepal and sometimes it tries to disrupt the Afghan peace process.” India also wants to encourage unrest in Balochistan. In Ladakh too, India did the same and is now trying to blame China.

Earlier, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, in a series of tweets, accused India of pursuing snobbish expansionist policies and said that these policies are becoming a threat to neighbouring countries.

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan tweeted, “India has become a threat to neighbouring countries with full-fledged expansionary policies by the egoism of the Hindutva Supremacist Modi government. India is threatened by Bangladesh through citizenship amendment law and border dispute for Nepal-China Presenting. At the same time, India is creating problems by running false flag operations against Pakistan. “

Imran Khan also cried the cry of Kashmir on the pretext of Nepal. Imran wrote, “And India is doing all this after illegal occupation of Kashmir, committing war crimes under Geneva treaty and asserting claim on Kashmir which is part of Pakistan”.

Imran Khan said, “I have always said that the Modi government making Muslims second class citizens is not only a threat to Indian minorities but also to regional peace.”

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