Pioneer launches its new Tube Subwoofer in India, Sony will face challenge

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If you are thinking of getting a subwoofer in your car, then Pioneer India has launched its new subwoofer TS-WX3000T in India. Come, know everything about its features and price

The leading car infotainment segment Pioneer India has launched its new subwoofer TS-WX3000T in India. This bass reflex tube subwoofer is fitted with a music system installed in the car which gives heavy bass to the music. The sound quality of the music is also much better and powerful.

Pioneer has designed the new reflex tube subwoofer in such a way that it can easily fit in your car. For those who want to enjoy music in the car, it can prove to be a best option. Talking about the features, Pioneer’s new TS-WX3000T tube subwoofer comes with 1600W maximum power and 500W nominal power output.

The total length of its cabinet is 700mm while the total volume of the cabinet is 50.9 liters. It comes with 88dB sensitivity and 20 – 2.5 kHz frequency response. The company claims that with the help of tube bass reflex system, the heavy boss is available. The company has priced the sub-woofer at Rs 9990.

Sony will compete

The car infotainment segment Pioneer is known for its high quality products. Pioneer will compete with the new reflex tube subwoofer from Sony’s XS-GTX122LT box sub fur. Its sound output is 1350 W. The company claims that it gets heavy bass. The weight of this unit is 11.11 kg. Its surround material is of rubber. It may be lower in price but in terms of sound output it also looks lighter than Pioneer’s new TS-WX3000T tube subwoofer. In this case, Pioneer this model can prove to be the best option for you. By the way, Sony is also a big name in the car infotainment segment.

Why a subwoofer is important?

Those who are music enthusiasts and who like to listen to high quality music should install a subwoofer with infotainment system. This increases the bass and gives a very good sound. Subwoofers can also be placed behind or under the seat.

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