Split ends prevent hair growth, these 5 hair tips will get rid of

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Split hair looks bad and prevents hair from growing. By changing the diet and taking some home remedies, they can be got rid of. It is important to take care of some things to prevent split-hair.

Split hair looks bad

Split ends prevent hair from growing

Home remedies will get rid of

Split ends spoil the beauty of hair and also prevent hair from growing. This problem in hair comes due to lack of vitamins B3 and B12. Apart from this, lack of hemoglobin and disturbances of hormones also affect the hair. Split ends of hair can be removed by following some special tips.

Continue hair trimming – Split ends are at the end of the hair. To remove them, it is important that you keep hair trimming from time to time. Do hair trimming once a month.

Do not use blow dryer too much- hair dryer or any hot machine causes great damage to hair. The hot winds emanating from them absorb all the moisture from the hair due to which they become dry and lifeless. Due to dryness, the hair starts falling apart.

Take the right diet – For the nutrition of hair, it is most important that you pay attention to your food and drink. Your diet should be full of vitamins and protein. To enhance the beauty of hair, include fish, dry fruits, avocado, oats and soy in the diet.

Do not get too much hair treatment – if you go to the parlor repeatedly to enhance the beauty of the hair, then you are doing wrong. Excessive hair treatment can spoil your hair. A lot of chemicals are used in the hair treatment done in the parlor which damages the hair. Instead you adopt home remedies and put eggs in your hair.

Use conditioner – After washing hair, definitely apply conditioner. This causes less damage to the hair and prevents it from breaking. The conditioner keeps the hair hydrated and prevents it from splitting.

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