Thailand gives another blow to China, hand drawn from this important project

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After postponing the submarine deal, the Government of Thailand is set to give another blow to China. The media report said that the government is going to cancel the Kra Canal project.

Thailand government’s second setback to China after postponing submarine deal

Beijing had high hopes with the canal project

China intends to monopolize the South China Sea

Bangkok: After postponing the submarine deal, the Thailand government is set to give another blow to China. The media report said that the government is going to cancel the Kra Canal project. Beijing wanted to see the project completed at any cost, as it would make it easier to reach the Indian Ocean.

Earlier, Thailand suspended the submarine deal with China in view of public opposition. China has been waiting for the completion of the ‘Kra Canal Project’ for a long time. After coming into the canal of about 102 km long, China will be able to easily reach its newly constructed bases in South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Now he has to travel an additional distance of 1,100 km for this.

Water again on the plans

According to the TFIPOST report, China wants to fulfill many of its ambitions with the Kra Canal project. His intention was to monopolize the South China Sea bypassing the Strait of Malacca, so that he could not challenge it in the Indian Pacific. But the Thai government has turned water on its plans by making up its mind to pull back from this project. A narrow chokepoint between the Strait of Malacca Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which divides the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Government has understood the reality

Initially, the canal project was described as an ambitious project of the Thai government, but now Thailand feels that the project is not economically and politically beneficial for it. Thailand’s plan was to construct a canal from the middle, like the Panama Canal, which would directly connect the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. Thailand hoped that the project would be a game-changer for it, as the ships going to the Indian Ocean via Singapore would pass directly through this canal and it would give it a big revenue. But now he has understood that an alternative route through Malacca, Sunda or Lombok Strait would not have generated much revenue from Kra Canal.

Picture still left …

Thailand also understands that along with economic reasons, the Kra Canal project can affect its relationship with many countries including India and the US. Because it will pose some danger to America and its allies including India. Apart from this, there is also a concern that this project could be damaging the freedom of poor Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar and Cambodia, which are already troubled by Chinese intervention. Well, China’s problems do not end here. It is believed that in view of the growing public anger against Beijing, Thailand may also exclude Beijing from the Land Pathway project, which it is considering as an alternative to the Kra Canal project.

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