The court bans the book related to Asaram

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The Patiala House Court of Delhi has on Friday banned a book related to the Asaram case.

The name of this book is ‘Gunning for the God: The True Story Behind Asaram Bapuz Conviction’. This book was to be published by Horper Collins Publishing.

This ban on the book has been imposed after the case of Sanitaita Gupta, an associate of Asaram. Sanchita Gupta was convicted in the 2018 Asaram case under the Poxo Act.

This case was related to the rape of a minor girl. Additional Commissioner of Police Ajay Lamba and Sanjeev Mathur of Jaipur are the authors of this book and they claim that the things written in the book are true.

The book was supposed to come on Saturday but currently the court has stayed it till the next hearing.

Sanchita Gupta had said in her case that the news website ‘Scroll’ had published an excerpt of the book, which has led to her defamation.

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