These 5 things banks don’t often tell their customers, you must know

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Many such cases have come up in which banks start to help themselves by not prioritizing your help. Do you think the bank is responsible for your help? Perfect, banks are there to help you. But, they not only help you, they also do themselves? Many such information is hidden from the bank, which you should know.

1- How secure is your account if you lose your debit card?

If we talk about the card being stolen or lost, then tell us that your credit card is more secure than your debit card. No bank will tell you about this. Talk to your banker and get security information in case of loss or theft of your card. State Bank of India (SBI) offers a Credit Card Protection Plan (CPP), which is helpful for you in such situations. Check with your bank if they have any such scheme? This way you can make your card more secure.

2- Long time customer privileges

Like other organizations, the bank also gives more privileges to loyals and old customers. However, often banks do not disclose such information to their customers. You have to ask about it yourself. If it is talked about, then banks usually give fee waver to their old customers, then you can also talk for it.

3- Keep every receipt for ATM transaction

Every receipt of an ATM transaction must be handled, as an ATM is an automated process. The software through which this process works can make some mistakes. Because of this, many transactions become duplicates. If you do not have a receipt then it will be difficult to prove that the transaction is a duplicate. In such a situation, every receipt of ATM transaction is useful. On reading the time, you can also show these receipts to the bank.

4 – High Interest Accounts

Generally banks offer many types of accounts. There are some accounts that get more interest. In such a situation, it is not necessary for any bank to tell you about them. You have to find out how many types of accounts are in the bank and in which you will benefit more. Therefore, if you want to earn more returns, first find out which account gets more interest, then only open the account.

5- Understand the correct meaning of each term Please read it properly before signing any document. You can find many such words in which you do not even know the meaning. Instead of ignoring such words, ask for their meaning. Before signing the document, understand the meaning of all the words very well, otherwise you may be at a loss. However, a lot of your time can go to you and the bank officer, but in the future you will benefit from it.

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