Unlock 4: Why is it important to run the Delhi Metro?

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has requested the Central Government to open the Delhi Metro. Since then, discussions have started again about starting the operation of Delhi Metro.

Arvind Kejriwal said in a video conference on Sunday that we have requested the central government to consider Delhi a little different from the rest of the states. The situation in Corona is getting fine here now. Metro should be allowed to run in Delhi in a phased manner. Whether permission is still allowed on trial basis. I hope the central government will take a decision soon.

Delhi Metro has been closed since the Janata curfew on March 22 to prevent corona virus infection.

Since the opening of unlocked 1 i.e. lockdown, Delhi Metro is being speculated to start again. Every time the discussion starts on whether or not the Delhi Metro will open before the new guidelines of Unlock are introduced.

After the Chief Minister of Delhi, now the Delhi Metro has also talked about the complete preparation for the operation.

Anuj Dayal, executive director at DMRC, says, “The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is ready to start operations as soon as the order is received from the government. All necessary guidelines will be implemented to prevent the spread of corona virus. Passengers travel in the metro All efforts will be made to make it safe.

A few days ago, DMRC Managing Director Mangu Singh has inspected the operational system and maintenance of the Rajiv Chowk metro station.

DMRC had said in a tweet in this regard, “DMRC chief Mangu Singh inspected the Rajiv Chowk metro station. It was part of regular inspection to check the effective functioning of various operational systems and maintenance activities.”

Increased debt burden on Metro

Is it necessary for the public to run the metro only during the transition of Corona? It is not like that at all. Actually, walking of the metro is now less important for the people and more for the metro.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been difficult to pay the debt due to the closure of Delhi Metro for the last five months. Help is being sought from the central government in this regard.

DMRC was given a loan by Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) for the construction of Delhi Metro at a very low interest rate. These loans have been given in a phased manner according to the phase.

DMRC pays this loan every year but due to the closure of the metro for five months, it has become difficult to pay the loan.

According to a DMRC official, running the metro in Delhi has become necessary for the Delhi Metro along with the general public.

The official said, “The metro is a national asset, if it is not operated, then the problem will happen for the country. Delhi Metro takes loan in installments. One installment starts paying after ten years. In the first six-eight months we Used to withdraw the installment money, but now the metro is not running for about five months. “

“DMRC is incurring a loss of about 10 crores daily. Japan International Corporation Agency has a loan of about 50 thousand crores on Delhi Metro.”

The government guarantees the loan of DMRC. If DMRC is unable to pay the loan then the central government has to compensate it.

But, according to the English newspaper Indian Express, the central government has told DMRC that it has sought help from Delhi government to repay the low interest rate loan taken from Japan International Corporation Agency for various projects.

According to the information received from DMRC, the matter is going on with the central government about the difficulty in repaying this loan. But no decision has been received on who will pay.

Lifeline metro of delhi

If we talk about the general public, then the Delhi Metro has become very important not only for the people of Delhi but also for those going to and from NCR to Delhi.

In addition to Delhi, metros are also available in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Lucknow in India. But, the most expansion and passenger operations take place in Delhi. Buses are currently allowed to run in Delhi with limited passenger numbers. In such a situation, the number of four-wheelers on the roads has increased due to lack of public transport. In such a situation, even after the opening of markets and offices due to the closure of the Delhi Metro, people are able to reach only in small numbers.

According to information received from DMRC, about six million people travel daily in the Delhi Metro. The metro has made the transportation convenient not only in Delhi but also in NCR.

Not revealing the identity, a DMRC official said that due to non-running of the Delhi Metro, people are facing problems in coming and at the same time it is also affecting the environment. The 60 lakh people who used to go by metro daily are now going by their own trains. In such a situation, both traffic and environment are being affected.

But, despite DMRIS’s repeated claims of complete preparation and the request of the Delhi government, why is the Metro not being started.

On this, the official says that the preparation of the Delhi Metro is complete, but perhaps the government is afraid that running the metro will increase the movement of people. It may be that more staff is also called in the offices. People start going out more on weekends or holidays. Seven, at present, cases of corona infection have not started decreasing. So the fear of getting worse It is possible.

Metro Maintenance

Due to non-running of the metro for long, DMRC is also having to deal with their maintenance expenses and technical problems.

Like any car, the metro also needs maintenance. In such a situation, what is Delhi Metro doing in this regard.

DMRC official says that it is true that maintenance of metro is necessary. It runs on electricity and signals. If it is not in operation then there may be a problem in its system. Therefore, two trains run every morning and evening on every line. The metro system is tested daily. By doing this, there is facility to maintain the track of the metro. With this, the over-head cable and equipment can also be checked. Other technical faults can also be detected by walking the metro.

According to DMRC, if permission is granted, then the metro can run within two days.

Whenever the metro runs, a protocol has been prepared for it. Like other public vehicles, every passenger in the metro will have to wear a mask, sanitation, social distancing will have to be done. You have to leave a seat. If there are four entry exits at each station, only one will be opened. Maybe in the first round only government employees will be allowed to go. It is also possible that the sanatorium bridge should be made mandatory for the journey.

But for all this, the decree of the central government will have to wait.

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