Uttar Pradesh woman lost job in epidemic, started ‘indu ka dhaba’ with a plate for 30 rupees

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After losing the job, a woman from Kanpur has started her own dhaba. You will get a plate at the dhaba for 30 rupees. His twit on social media is becoming viral.

The second wave of corona virus epidemic has negatively impacted the country’s health structure as well as the economy. Fear of loss in business has forced many employers to take drastic measures, including retrenchment of employees. However, the laid-off workers are coming back with a pledge to start their own businesses, including the dhaba and the food business.

Woman’s job done in corona epidemic

A woman from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, was removed from her job, but for example, she decided to run her own dhaba business where an affordable plate is available for just Rs 30.

A woman named Indu of Kanpur shared the post with her handle. He wrote in his tweet, “I have started a new business ‘Indu Ka Dhaba’ due to loss of job and the price of a plate here is only 30 rupees. Wish me luck.”

Dhaba started to become self-sufficient

The tweet went viral as it surfaced on social media. People are liking, retweeting and sharing posts in a big way. In the picture we can see a simple Indian meal served in a stainless steel plate. In this, Rajma-rice, chapatti, boondi raita and a little onion are available for only 30 rupees as part of a tasty plate. Twitter users shared their support and wished Indu new business and appreciated her initiative to sell food at an affordable rate. Some people also wanted to know where is the place of the new dhaba so that food can be ordered and it can be visited.

In a later tweet, Indu gave her immense support and response, so Indu also thanked. The woman revealed, “Soon I will deliver affordable and quality food prepared at home in Kanpur. I am currently exploring delivery options.”

A few days ago we have seen that a chef of Mumbai lost the job of water ship during the epidemic. He figured out how to set up a biryani stall. This person is serving quality biryani to his customers as he is the only earning person for his family.

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