Weather: Know why monsoon is important in India? How long will he knock in the country

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In India, the monsoon usually knocks till June 1, but this time it will come late by the day. According to the Indian Meteorological Department’s estimate, the monsoon will reach Kerala by June 3.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that this time the monsoon will reach Kerala by Thursday i.e. June 3. Before this, the department had predicted that the monsoon will reach the country by 31 May. Generally, there is heavy rainfall in the month of June-July every year in India. The rainfall during this period accounts for about 70 percent of the annual rainfall in the country, but this time the southwest monsoon is knocking late by two days. Let us tell you today why monsoon is important for any country?

First know the meaning of monsoon

The word monsoon is derived from an Arabic-language word mausim. This means seasonal changes in winds. When the winds move from north-east to south-west from November to March, it is called the winter monsoon. At the same time, from June to September, these winds move from southwest to north-east direction, then it is called summer monsoon or summer monsoon.

Monsoon forecast

Estimates of the arrival of monsoon in any country are already ascertained. In India, usually the rainy season starts from June 1, but sometimes it also knocks late. Forecasting monsoon is a difficult task. Monsoon is predicted after studying 16 parameters / parameters closely. The accuracy of predictions of the Indian Meteorological Department varies from 70-80 per cent. Even today, there is a slight difference between the prediction of the monsoon forecast and the actual conditions.

Why is the monsoon important in the country?

The arrival of the monsoon not only provides relief from the heat, but it also helps in running the Indian economy and agriculture sector better. Farmers start planting crops like kharif, rice, pulses, oilseeds as soon as the rainy season arrives. Rain also affects the yield of these major crops. Good monsoon increases agricultural production. The rainy season fills the land, ponds or rivers, which helps in irrigation. Water production also increases power generation. This has a good effect on the economy. At the same time, a bad monsoon can adversely affect the Indian economy and development.

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