Why are giant whale fishes dying in Tasmania, Australia?

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More than 300 whale fish have died on an island in Tasmania in Australia. She was trapped in the sea.

More than 300 whale fish have died on an island in Tasmania in Australia. She was trapped in the sea. The news of fish being caught on this island of Australia was first reported on 20 September. Since then, work is on to remove them from there. But access to these can be done only through boats. Due to which it is delayed.

How did the fish get caught in the sea?

You must be thinking that how these fish got trapped in the sea. These whales are pilot whales. Pilot whales are 20 to 23 feet long and can weigh up to 3 tons. Actually, whales live like a family. There is a leader whale in the group of pilot whales, which is followed by everyone else. But this is the only reason for their getting trapped. The main reason is their interconnection. Even if a whale wanders off, the other fish in its group do not leave it. Their journey continues simultaneously. If a fish is injured in their group, many whales accumulate around it. This is the kind of family relationship that is seen in them.

It is said that whales celebrate the death of one of their companions or the sorrow of separation from them like humans. She is sad like humans and stays with him for a long time. But looking at these pictures, it seems that this and this bond is above human relationships. As a person climbs the stairs of success, he goes away from his own people. In the human species, the feeling of supporting people in difficulty is also decreasing. But the species of fish has not left these qualities.

Many times, due to the low tide, the fish get stuck on the sea coast. But on this island of Australia, this incident has happened in the middle of the sea. So it is very possible that this happened because of not leaving each other.

470 whales attempt to save lives

The rescue operation in Macquarie Harbor, Tasmania, Australia since 20 September is unique in itself. The effort to save the life of 470 whales has been going on continuously for the last 5 days. However, so far only 50 whales have been left safe in the sea.

This rescue operation is still going on. More than 300 whales are dead. Experts engaged in the rescue operation feel that they will be able to save less than 100 whales.

To remove these whales trapped in the sandy part of the sea, ropes have been fitted with boats. They are being dragged to the deepest part of the ocean. Pilot Whales Ocean is a species of dolphins. Why do they get trapped like this? There are many reasons for this.

– Whales running in the group go astray floating behind their leader.

Sonar systems are often installed in the sea to find enemy submarines. Their sound can be up to 230 decibels. This sound distracts sea creatures.

– There is also an apprehension that pilot whales come to such sandy areas of their own will and give their lives together.

– Earlier in 2017, around 600 whale fish in New Zealand were trapped in the sand on the coast of the sea. Most of them died.

– In the same island of Tasmania, Australia, 200 pilot whales were also trapped in 2009, after this, this incident has happened for the second time. As the days pass, the chances of saving whales are becoming less and less.


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