Why is there an appeal for boycott of Turkey in Saudi Arabia?

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The two forces of the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, are now seen taking a direct fight against each other. Till now, there was only speculation that the relationship between the two countries is not going well and both want their unbroken rule in the Middle East.

But now the statements coming from both countries can take their diplomatic relations in a new direction.

Following a statement by Turkish President Rechep Tayyip Ardoan, the head of Saudi Arabia’s Chamber of Commerce has appealed to boycott Turkey in every way.

Council of Saudi Chambers Chairman Azlan Al Azlan tweeted, “Every Saudi citizen, whether a businessman or a consumer, has a responsibility to boycott Turkey in every way. Whether it is at the level of imports, at the level of investment Or at the level of tourism. All this is in response to the Turkish government’s continued opposition against our leader, our country and our citizens. “

Why did this tweet come?

Actually this tweet is being seen as a response to the statement of Turkish President Ardoan recently.

Recently, in the General Assembly of Turkey, President Ardo कहाan said that some Gulf countries are targeting Turkey and following those policies, which can cause instability.

He then sarcastically said, “It should not be forgotten that the countries which are under question today did not exist till yesterday and may not exist tomorrow. However, with the consent of Allah we will always be in this field The flag will continue to fly. “

This statement of Ardoan was directly linked to Saudi Arabia, which came into existence in the year 1932.

Will the boycott have any effect?

The boycott appeal from Saudi Arabia came from the head of the Chamber of Commerce. Time will tell how wide its impact will be, but if it does have an impact, then it can have an impact on Turkey.

The main reason for this is the continued fall of Turkish currency lira.

According to the news agency Reuters, the Turkish currency Lira is also falling for the eighth consecutive year and its value has fallen by 80 percent in the last decade.

Informed in Middle East affairs, Qamar Agha says that if this appeal is implemented, Turkey could be affected because there are about a thousand private companies in Saudi Arabia in Turkey. Apart from this, there are a good number of Saudi nationals visiting Turkey.

He says, “The political differences between Turkey and Saudi Arabia are going on increasing. In this, along with political differences about Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Sudan at the regional level, there is also a tug of leadership on Islam. “

Qamar Agha says that the Saudi Arabian government has not taken any such decision so far, but if Saudi takes such a decision, then Bahrain and UAE will also take such a decision and then Turkey’s difficulties will increase greatly.

How much trade between turkey and saudi arabia

According to the news agency Reuters, Turkey is the 12th trading partner of Saudi Arabia in terms of total imports in the second quarter. The latest statistics show that imports from Turkey to Saudi Arabia were $ 18 million in June, which increased to $ 185 million in July.

Assistant Professor Omer Anas at Yildirim Bayazit University in Ankara says that this appeal shows the frustration of Saudi Arabia.

He says, “I would call it a desperate step, because to make this economic boycott official, many of the laws of the World Trade Organization (WTO) would have to be violated. If, like Qatar, the Saudi government boycott Turkey, So Turkey will challenge it in the WTO. And the way the WTO decided in its favor in the matter of Qatar, the decision can come in Turkey’s favor. “

“According to the law of the WTO, you cannot boycott a country financially until a big issue of national security is revealed. This appeal of economic boycott, I think, is a political bet, under pressure from Turkey Is being done to bring it. It remains to be seen how much the Saudi public believes it. “

Omer Anas says that there is $ 5 billion trade between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, of which two and a half billion dollars are from Turkey and two and a half billion dollars from Saudi Arabia.

He says, “Turkey takes most of the oil from Saudi Arabia, while it also exports a lot of things to Saudi Arabia. The people of Saudi Arabia have a lot of investment in Turkey. They have their homes and companies here and in the last 5 years almost The Saudi people have invested 5 to 6 billion dollars in Turkey. “

“Saudi tourists come to visit Turkey the most. About 8 lakh Saudi tourists come to Turkey every year. Saudi people will be able to boycott Turkey only when it becomes law, but I think this appeal does not have wide impact Will happen.”

Since when did relationships start to deteriorate

The relationship between Turkey and Saudi Arabia is not considered good and it started in 2018 after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashojji.

In 2018, Khuszhaji, a prominent critic of the Saudi government, was attacked by a team of Saudi agents at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul city of Turkey. His corpse was broken into pieces, which could never be recovered.

Ardoआनan has been holding Saudi Arabia’s ‘top tier’ responsible for the killing of Khashojji. Recently, Turkey was also angry with the change of sentence of the five convicts related to the Khushoji murder case.

A Saudi court changed the death sentence of five people convicted in the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashojji murder case. The first five were sentenced to death, but were commuted to seven to 20 years in prison.

In response to this, Turkey last week started prosecution against six Saudi suspects in the Khashoji murder case. None of these citizens are in Turkey and this case has been started in their absence.

Apart from this, a case is going on in Istanbul court against 20 Saudi citizens in the Khushoji murder case.

Turkish President Ardoan is also unhappy with some of the Middle East countries’ normalizing relations with Israel.

The UAE and Bahrain recently announced normal diplomatic relations with Israel, and it is understood that Saudi Arabia may also make such a declaration.

Turkey and Saudi’s reasons for tug of war

Rechep Tayyip Ardoan is considered to be the second most powerful leader of Turkey so far. Before him, only the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk or Mustafa Kamal Pasha, comes.

Two countries worldwide want to become leaders of Muslim nations – Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Whenever Saudi Arabia responds to an issue, Turkey tries to cut it down.

Saudi Arabia feels that it has Mecca here and Prophet Mohammad was born there, so he is the leader of the Islamic countries of the world.

However, Turkey considers itself to be more powerful than Saudi and feels that it is the true benefactor of Muslims.

This is why Turkey was vocal against the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashojji and now he is speaking out against the relations of many countries which are normal with Israel.

However, Omer Anas says that it is difficult for Saudi Arabia to maintain a prolonged quarrel with a country like Turkey, due to Turkey joining Neto and constantly increasing its power.

He says, “Except for Khashojji’s case, nothing has happened between Turkey and Saudi Arabia that has severely damaged relations. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia also said that until King Salman in Saudi Arabia And Turkey cannot be deterred until there is Ardoan. I think there is going to be an initiative, because there is a time for the relationship to deteriorate, but the time for breaking up is not yet. “

Apart from this, Omer Anas also does not agree that Turkey wants to make itself the leader of Muslim countries.

He says, “Looking at Turkey’s foreign policy and its history, it would not be more correct to say that Turkey wants to be the leader of Muslim countries. Turkey has always had the discomfort of calling itself a European country and it has to compete with Egypt and Not from Asia but from Germany-France and European countries. Turkey wants to become a member of the European Union and a member of NATO. “

Omer Anas says that Turkey should be considered as the new player of the Muslim world right now, because Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt are traditional players of the Muslim world.

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