World of the world: How will the presidential election in America last?

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On June 23, people voted to choose a candidate in the New York primary before the US presidential election in November.

The result of this election is usually declared on the same day, but this time it took six weeks, not two to four days. The reason for the delay was postal votes, with which big problems were introduced.

Because of the Corona epidemic, most people opted for postal voting, which the system could not handle. But it was not just a matter of delay. President Trump said that there is a possibility of fraud in postal voting, so this option is not safe.

Democrats feel that President Trump is trying to prevent people from postal voting by not properly funding the Postal Service. There has been a lot of debate in this issue in American politics.

So this week in the world, we are asking this question, how will the presidential election in America last this year?

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