Can diabetes patients eat honey? Learn what is the opinion of health experts about this

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Diabetes patients are not allowed to eat sweet food, but is honey which is healthy and safe for diabetic patients?

New Delhi: Diabetes patients are always advised that they should stay away from sweet things or else blood sugar level may increase due to which the symptoms of their disease may worsen further. But one question that often comes to the mind of diabetes patients is that whether they can use honey or honey as an alternative to sugar or not?

Although nothing can be said about the effect of honey on diabetes patients, but if some research has been done about this, then if a limited amount of honey is consumed, then type 2 diabetes patients For this it can be beneficial. This is because honey contains antioxidants as well as healthy vitamins and minerals that are not in sugar. According to a study published in the journal Oxidative Medicine in 2018, blood glucose levels can be reduced by consuming honey instead of white sugar.

Is it safe to use honey instead of sugar in diabetes?

There is no doubt that for healthy people, the use of honey instead of white sugar, powdered sugar, cane sugar, etc. is a healthy substitute. But is it safe for diabetic patients as well? Can diabetes patients also consume honey? Health experts have an answer to this question – no. Using honey as an alternative to sugar for diabetes patients is not beneficial. The reason for this is that honey, like sugar, can also affect blood sugar levels.

• Honey is healthy but not in diabetes

Honey is sweeter than granulated sugar, so people consume less amount of honey, which reduces the intake of sweetness. Also, honey does not go through any refining process like sugar, so it is a healthy option. But many doctors and health experts recommend not to use honey for diabetes patients.

• What does research say?

A study conducted in the year 2017 tried to find out what is the connection between blood glucose level and honey in diabetes patients. The results of the study revealed that honey reduced fasting serum glucose, keeping blood sugar level constant. Also, honey also has hypoglycemic effects which can reduce blood sugar level.

Do not eat honey without asking the doctor

Honey is beneficial for health as compared to sugar and it also reduces blood sugar. This is true. But to prove that honey is completely safe for diabetes patients, more research is needed right now. Therefore, diabetes patients should consult their doctor before using honey and do not include anything in the diet without asking the doctor.

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