Corona: A Quest for Medicine

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Corona disease is causing panic all over the world today. The biggest challenge today is to find a way to treat it. Many countries are working to find its medicine.

The fight against Kovid-19 pandemic is on full swing. Finding a cure for it, making a medicine or vaccine for it is the biggest challenge that the whole world is facing today. However, a ray of light in the dark has been seen by medical practitioners in plasma therapy or an old malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine.

Kerala has become the first state in the country to begin trial on plasma therapy. In Turkey, it is continuing Even before Kerala, Turkey started doing trial on Plasma Therapy. Under this therapy, some blood is extracted from the person who has been cured after infection with the corona virus and his plasma is injected into the sick person. It has been observed that the immune system of the patient starts producing antibodies similar to these with the help of antibodies present in the injected plasma.

Antibodies begin to form in a person’s body when the virus attacks them. But the growth of the virus in the Kovid-19 is so fast that it is not able to defeat the antibodies in everyone. The patients who are cured by of corona virus, keep antibodies in their blood for long time. If after some days, the virus again attack body, these antibodies recognise the virus and suppress it. Such patients can also bring hope for the rest of the sick.

Also some experts are seeing great potential in hydroxy chloroquine. They hope that in some cases it may work against the Kovid-19. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro even claimed in a video that it was doing the right thing for every patient. However, Facebook removed this comment by taking it as a category for spreading false information. Donald Trump landed on the language of threat to get this drug from India. This clearly suggests how badly he was seeking this drug from India. However, The World Health Organization says that there is no concrete evidence of how effective hydroxy chloroquine is in treating corona.

However, its demand across the world has suddenly increased. Not only America, many countries of the world including Italy and Britain are hoping to get this medicine from India soon. The malaria outbreak has been with us for a long time and even today many diseases near it remain a major problem for India. In such a situation, which country could have been the largest producer of this medicine other than India? In view of the Corona crisis, India had stopped its export some time ago, but now this drug has been put in licensed category. That is, if the stock of the drug is surplus after its country needs are met, then it can be exported. How effective it is in the treatment of the disease, it will be known only after use.

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