Desk Job Health issues: Workers at the desk are at risk of many diseases! These 8 ways will protect

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Amidst the epidemic of corona virus spread across the world, many people are doing work from home. This is a good way to prevent disease, but sitting in a desk job continuously for the same place for hours is not right for our health. According to a study, prolonged desk work may increase the risk of diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis. Experts say that the risk of these diseases can be reduced by taking care of certain things.

How to sit – sitting in a chair and doing long shifts for hours is not good for the waist and neck. For this, if you use a standing table or a high height table or counter, it would be better. You will need some trouble in the beginning. But the method can save you from many non-communicable diseases.

Exercise ball instead of chair – You will often see people sitting on exercise ball in gym or fitness center. Working between hours and long shifts, using this ball can prove to be very profitable for you. This ball can work to improve body posture, core muscle and pelvic stability.

Break between work- Like the office, never forget to take a break in between work. Make a habit of walking a little every 45 minutes on the pretext of filling the phone attendant or water bottle. In this brake, many simple exercises like stretching, walking and marching can also be done.

Method of sitting – While working, pay attention to your seating posture also. While sitting in the chair, the spine should be straight and the shoulders should be raised towards the back. Also, the paw should be full on the ground. If you are not able to do this, then you can also use a small stool under the feet. Your hips, knees and ankles should be at a 90 degree angle.

Take care of heart health – After a long shift of 8-9 hours, our physical activity becomes zero, which affects the health of the heart. Do low intensity cardiovascular training for one hour daily. Use the stairs instead of the lift. Get used to walking instead of a vehicle to go to work nearby.

Adequate sleep and water – It is also important to take care of your sleeping pattern. Get enough sleep for about 6-8 hours daily. Apart from this, drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. In winter, the risk of dehydration increases anyway. Both these things are very important for the correct functioning of our body.

Food – Use the habit of eating only healthy things in food. Include protein, natural fat in your diet and carbohydrates that give energy to the body. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables and fiber fruits should also be eaten regularly.Avoid eating these things – Avoid eating high sugar or high sodium things. These types of things can cause obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and many other metabolic disorders. Avoid eating deep fry or too spicy. Also avoid using alcohol, cigarettes or too much caffeine.

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