Freedom from diseases by meditation

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Carefully treat diseases

Meditation is the sophistication of the inner being. It purifies the entire existence and connects the intuition with the Brahminichana, denying it. The meaning of meditation is intense and the meaning of this meaning is unique. The taste of this uniqueness can be found only in going through the serious experience of meditation. Meditation is a holistic treatment.

While it removes prickly thorns in the mind, relieves the pain, on the other hand fills the mind with emotion and bliss. The lost rhythm of life is regained by meditation. Singing the scattered vocals, the music of meditation, sing the forgotten song of life again. This is why modern psychiatrists have started adopting this subfamily.

The journey of life is infinite and eternal. Yoga is familiar with its eternity and eternity, but psychology admires only one aspect of its present-day reflection. Both have their own procedures and procedures, but the objective and the goal are one. Yoga knows its existence, psychology treats a part of this existence. According to psychology, the bitter experiences of present life are responsible for the thorny events that occurred in the past. These incidents make life very uncomfortable. Unbearable pain arises, which can neither be endured nor possible to remove, because the thorn in the past of events gives relief. It is also painful to prick and if it is removed it becomes even more painful.

In this process of redress, psychology travels to the incident of this life, where the thorn seems. In psychology, it is called regression therapy. In this, the past events of this life are judiciously interviewed and in the present, the past is brought back to life and its reality is introduced.

For example, if someone is afraid of water, that fear is discovered in the past of his life, due to which this fear has spread. During this healing process, many people found that they had fallen into the water in the tub or in the bathroom in childhood, the fear of which was submerged in their unconscious, which became more complicated with the change of time and situation. Sometimes events have not happened in this life, they are wrapped in any layers of past life. In such a situation, psychological regression is engaged in an attempt to take the therapy towards the past life. They have also benefited from it.

Meditation best in refining the rituals:

In yoga these events are called samskaras. When a task is done willingly it becomes a habit. The habit is transformed into the form of samskara by pressing into the depths of the unconscious. A layer of sacrament is washed out by regression treatment, but it does not work. A great yogologist and psychologist, Patanjali considers meditation to be the best treatment for refining this ritual. By regression treatment one gets acquainted with the past events of the present life, while meditation is the journey from the beginning of existence to the present and from the present to the distant future, to infinity. Meditation looks at the totality of existence and eradicates its defaults – problems. It develops personality completely clean and clean and with all dimensions. By meditation, no dimension of personality, whether intellectual or emotional, flourishes together, no one is left out.

Meditation treatment is more developed and holistic than regression treatment. This is a highly scientific method. Through this, such windows and doors open in the personality, through which the pleasant-aromatic and serene gust of Brahmi Chetna flows in our personality. While on the one hand we carefully interview our past deeds, in the deep cave of that karma-neta, the holy light is scattered, on the other hand we continuously develop refined consciousness. Consciously, the movement moves in high-level dimensions. Everything in the inside changes, even though there is no specific change in our external body structure.

Meditation is the best means of decay of all rituals:

Prakrhya Dhyanayogi melts all his rituals in the great spirit of meditation. Meditation becomes the best means of working for him, and to be honest, meditation is the only medium which is able to cleanse the mantle of rites in the mind properly. This process is also done through other means of chanting, but meditation is best. In fact, because of not being able to touch this divinity of meditation, we wander, live a life of unconsciousness, unable to reconcile yourself and the environment around you. Thoughts and feelings create dissonance and redundancy. In the absence of the right harmony, we are either intellectual or we keep falling in waves of sentimentality. Life remains very bumpy and useless. They stay away from the particle of satiety, satisfaction and peace. Mahakangal remains due to the difference in the abundance of external means because the taste of that pleasure is not found. Meditation dips, dissolves and merges into that ocean of bliss, and for this reason, the difference is embellished and adorned with greatness, despite the outer wilderness.

How to meditate?

Meditation is an art. Meditation is not mindless, which we often do. Meditation is a relaxed state of mind. Whatever excellent thing the mind gets engaged in, it should start from there. Wherever the mind is Stop, stay, keep your memories so deep there, until this deepening turns into our faith, reverence and love. Then this loving image should be placed between your two eyebrows at your guidance or mental centers, such as the heart place or head (brain). Thoughts and feelings will automatically turn to this and we will start flowing in the flow of meditation.

The Great Journey of Infinity by Meditation:

Meditation will then settle into our existence. At first the conscience will converge, which will open all the closed doors of mental capacity. Then this concentration will be introverted and will start refining our unconscious mind. This stage is a very difficult, difficult and continuous process. Remember, this is the real litmus test of the meditator, through which the patient passes through, in the next sequence, the Mahalaya is established with the great bliss of Brahminichetna and the waterless springs of divine experiences. This is not the last stop, but the first touch of the experience of meditation. Then it makes the great journey of infinity. A normal life becomes an integral and integral part of a vast life and remains engulfed in it. All criteria change, nothing remains. Therefore, by descending this art of meditation in life, we should also return to our lost center.

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