Is Breast Cancer a Lifestyle-related Disease?

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In today’s hectic time, getting rest is a crime. The lifestyle, population, tension, etc. contribute to a range of diseases. Diseases like cancer are rapidly increasing in women and men. If we talk about women, breast cancer is the most prominent cancer among them.

In breast cancer, the breast cells grow abnormally and later take the form of tumors. A lump in the breast can be the initial symptom of this cancer. Apart from this, the change of skin color of the breast, pain or formation of lump in armpits can be symptoms of breast cancer. Nipple shrinkage or red color leakage also indicates breast cancer. If a woman has this kind of discomfort, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Self check

Women can examine their breast themselves, which is called ‘self-breast exams’. It is done four to five days after menstruation. In this, the whole breast is examined by giving a slight pressure from the palm. Examination of armpit is also mandatory. Women can also examine their breasts in the mirror. If any type of stretch, change in skin colour, lump formation, pain is seen/felt , medical intervention is a must. But, it is important to note here that not every lump or pain is cancerous.

New technology has arrived

Nowadays new technology is available, through which breast cancer can be cured. Targeted therapy and immunotherapy is one of the advanced methods by which cancer treatment can now be rendered painless. Therefore, we do not have to fear breast cancer because awareness is the prevention.


It is a type of X-ray, through which screening of breast cancer is performed. Through this, we can detect cancer in its early stage. When cancer is confirmed, its treatment is determined according to its stage. This includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. If treated properly, breast cancer can be cured completely.

Apart from this, there are some methods of prevention, which can prevent breast cancer:

  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Don’t smoke
  • Getting married and having children at the right time
  • Take control of obesity
  • Breastfeeding is the best way to avoid breast cancer
  • It is necessary to get regular mammography done at age 40-45

Breast cancer is also detected when the HER2 test is positive. With this, if there is BRCA mutation in the cells of the body, then the risk of getting cancer is reduced.

Break the Taboo

Even today in rural, extremely backward and urban areas, women play with their health due to shame and carelessness. Women have to keep a long veil, so that they do not get sunlight. Women themselves have to break all these ideas. Shame or carelessness is the equivalent of making oneself surrender to this disease. Family also have the responsibility to protect them from depression, boost their self-confidence and get them treated on time.

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Dr. Abhishek Anand
Cancer Specialist
Paras & Narayana Cancer Centre, Patna

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