Late Period causes and its Remedy

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Periods is a natural function of every girl and woman’s body and is a part of their life. However, sometimes women have to go through the problem of late periods problem. Not having periods at the right time becomes painful for the woman. Due to delay in periods, there is a fear that they may not come at the time of party, worship or festival. In such a situation, it is obvious that all the fun gets gritty.

Although nowadays women try to get their periods early or late by consuming medicines, but these medicines also have some side effects which have an effect on health. Therefore, if women want their menstruation to be at the right time, it is better to try periodic solution solutions in place of medicines at the right time. Today, in this article, we are telling you the ways to bring menstruation early or say that you can bring it on time.

Periods are not easy for women, but a few days before the onset of periods, they start seeing some symptoms of periods. Some of these are as follows:

1. Loss of appetite or excessive hunger – Some women have high appetite before or during periods or have a strong desire to eat outside and sweet. At the same time, some women lose their desire to eat at all.

2. Having mood swings – There is also a considerable change in the behavior of women before periods. Many women become irritable or very emotional.

3. Stomach cramps – Many women have stomach and waist cramps during periods. It is very painful and nowadays almost every woman goes through this problem.

4. Headache – Some women start complaining of headache before few days of periods. Sometimes the headaches are so severe that they have to take medicine to relieve pain.

5. The body becomes susceptible – Due to change of hormones before the period, the body becomes very sensitive. Some women complain of breast pain.

Common Causes for Late Periods

• Hormone changes

•  Tension

• Diseases such as – thyroid, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)

• Not taking the right nutrients

• Side effects of medicines

Now let’s talk about those home remedies with the help of which periods can be brought on time.

Home Remedies for Periods Problem

1. Fennel


• One spoon fennel

• Four cups of water

What to do?

• Put water and fennel in a pot and boil it for five to ten minutes.

• Then filter it and cool the water.

• Drink this mixture a little later in the day.

How does it benefit?

Everyone knows about the benefits of eating fennel after a meal, but do you know that fennel is very helpful in bringing the periods on time. It helps in bringing menstruation early. It causes menstruation to occur at the right time by causing contractions in the uterus. Apart from this, it can also reduce the pain during menstruation.

2. Cinnamon


•            Cinnamon powder

•            Milk

What to do?

• You drink half or one teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed with milk.

• In addition, cinnamon tea can also be consumed daily before periods.

How does it benefit?

Cinnamon increases body temperature and is prone to periods or early periods. Cinnamon not only cures your menstrual cycle, but can also be helpful in treating those who have PCOS. Even cinnamon can help control excess menstrual bleeding.

3. Ginger


• ½ teaspoon ginger juice

• honey

What to do ?

• First extract the juice of ginger pieces.

• Now add honey to it.

• You start eating this mixture a week before your menstrual date.

How does it benefit?

Ginger increases your body heat, causing your periods to come on time or quickly. It has antispasmodic properties. Antispasmodic helps to correct the menstrual cycle.

4. Papaya


• A bowl of ripe papaya or papaya juice

What to do ?

• Eat papaya or drink its juice one or two weeks before your menstrual date.

How does it benefit?

Papaya produces contractions in your uterine muscles. This is mainly due to the carotene present in it, which causes the menstrual period to be stimulated by stimulating estrogen hormones.

5. Oregano

Material :

• 6 grams dried oregano

• Boiled Drinking Water

How to eat

• Put dried oregano leaves in boiling hot water and filter this water and take it thrice a day.

• Start consuming it ten to fifteen days before your menstrual date.

How does it benefit?

Parsley acts like estrogen. For this reason, menstruation comes on time.

6. Pineapple

• A bowl of chopped pineapple or a glass of pineapple juice.

• Eat pineapple or juice in the afternoon every day, a few days before your periods arrive.

How does it benefit?

Pineapple produces heat in your body and has uterotonic properties that cause uterine contractions. This will never delay your periods.

7. Coffee


• Just one cup of coffee

What to do :

• Start drinking coffee regularly two weeks before your menstrual date.

How does it benefit?

If you also have the problem of delay in menstruation, then it is a very easy way to get periods at the right time. Coffee contains caffeine and has estrogen stimulating properties. As we said earlier, estrogen helps in regularizing your menstrual cycle, so consumption of coffee will bring your periods on time.

Caution: After the period starts, reduce the intake of coffee, because excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

8. Castor oil


• Half a teaspoon of castor oil

• heating pad

What to do ?

• Massage your lower abdomen with castor oil.

• Then compress the area with a heating pad for 10-15 minutes.

• Do this twice daily for about a week before your periods.

How does it benefit?

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which causes uterine contractions. This will never delay your periods.

9. Sesame seeds


• One teaspoon sesame seeds

• A little honey

How to eat

• Ten to fifteen days before menstruation, eat one teaspoon of sesame seeds twice daily with a little honey.

How does it benefit?

Sesame seeds act like estrogen, which can cause your menstrual cycle to come on time, as estrogen is an extremely important hormone that affects periods.

10. Vitamin-C


Add vitamin-C medicine or vitamin-C-rich foods such as cucumber, carrots, oranges, lemons (16) to your diet.

How does it benefit?

Vitamin-C increases the estrogen hormone in your body. Estrogen is a hormone that is helpful in regulating your menstrual cycle. Vitamin-C also reduces progesterone levels, which in turn increases the chances of early shedding of uterine walls, leading to menstruation.

Caution: If you want to take vitamin-C medicines, please consult your doctor once. If you are allergic to anything, then tell the doctor about it.

11. Turmeric


• 1 teaspoon turmeric powder

• 1 glass of hot water

How to eat

• Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water.

• Drink this mixture once or twice daily for 10-15 days before periods.

How does it benefit?

Turmeric has been used as an Ayurvedic medicine for years. Turmeric intake not only improves the immune system, but menstruation also comes at regular times. In addition, turmeric has emmenagogue properties, which can lead to periods quickly.

12. Hot water

One week before the period, bake hot water on your lower abdomen. Do this once or twice daily.

You can also drink hot water every day if you want.

Drinking hot water or taking a bake can cause periods at your right time. You can also drink warm water during periods or bake on the lower abdomen. This will give you some relief from the pain of periods.

Now let’s talk about such yogasanas, with the help of which menstruation will come naturally at the right time.

Yoga Asanas to Get Periods on time

Apart from the tips to get the periods mentioned above, it is important to pay attention to some physical exertion, exercise and yoga as well. Therefore, in the way of bringing menstruation on time, we are telling you about some yogasanas, so that you can get rid of the problem of delayed menstruation.

1.  Adho Mukha Svanasana

In this posture, leaning forward on the stomach, coming on your hands and feet, raise the part of the waist. By doing this asana, the muscles of your stomach and pelvis are strengthened. With this yoga, blood flow in your lower abdomen is also correct and periods come on time.

2. Ustrasana

Ustrasana is also called Camel Pose, because ‘camel’ is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘camel’. In this posture, sitting on the knees, bending backwards and trying to touch the ankles with the back of the hands. With this easy muscles of your stomach and pelvis are strengthened and body flexibility is increased.

3.  Dhanurasana

Dhanurasana is also called Bow Pose, because Dhanur means bow. In this posture, first lie down on your stomach and bend your knees. After this, try to hold your ankles with hands behind. Once you have held your ankles, lift your mouth, chest and thighs. This will stretch your abdominal muscles and increase blood flow, which will never delay your periods.

4.  Malasana

Malasan is also known as Garland Pose. In this, you bend your knees and sit in a posture of bowel movements and sit in a posture of salutation by placing your two elbows on both the knees. Now breathe slowly and release. By doing this Yogasan, the muscles of your stomach and pelvis are stretched and the periods come on time.

5.  Matsyasana

Matsyasana is also called Fish Pose because Matsya means fish. To do this yoga, first you sit down, then slowly lie back on your back and support the elbows back on the ground. In this posture, you can also spread the legs directly or by bending them, you can hold the left foot with the right hand and the right foot with the left hand. Then breathe in slowly and release. With this easy muscles of your upper and lower abdomen and pelvis become active. With these muscles activated, your uterine muscles will also be activated and periods will come on time.

Do these Yogasanas every morning in the morning a few days before the scheduled date of your periods and remember that you should learn from an expert or under the supervision of an expert.

Other Tips to Get Periods Faster in Hindi

Apart from the measures to bring menstruation on time, there are some other measures which can reduce your menstrual delay problem to some extent. Below we are writing about some more remedies.

• Take things that increase your body temperature.

• Exercise like – running, squats, skipping and dancing etc.

• Stay away from stress, because sometimes stress affects your hormones and your periods do not come at the right time.

• Eat the right nutritious diet.

These prescriptions for getting periods at the right time are quite easy and do not have any side effects, but if you are allergic to any of these things, then do ask your doctor once before using it. Apart from this, if you have delayed or irregular menstruation even after taking these remedies, you should contact the doctor, as it may be a sign of an infection or disease. Make sure to mention your experience in the comment box by adopting measures to bring menstruation on time.

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