Matcha Green Tea: What it is, Its Various Benefits and Preparation Method

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You must have heard about Matcha tea. It is a type of green tea that has become very popular in recent times. Matcha tea (a type of Japanese tea) is a tea that is more beneficial than green tea. Its plant is grown in shade.

Its popularity is due to the myriads health benefits that it provides. Its multiple health benefits include reducing obesity, keeping the heart healthy, strengthening the liver, promoting brain health, reducing symptoms of cancer, reducing stress, promoting skin health, and many more.

In this article, you will get information about the advantages and disadvantages of Matcha tea. Let’s know what is Matcha tea and what are its benefits.

What is Matcha Tea?

It is a type of green tea. Matcha tea leaves are dried and grinded to make powder. This powder is consumed by dissolving in hot water. It looks similar to green tea but in fact it is altogether different from it. Matcha tea leaves are soaked in hot water and separated. Let’s know about the health benefits of the Matcha tea.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Some people believe that Matcha tea should be consumed regularly. Matcha tea is believed to have a higher amount of antioxidant than other beverage products. Apart from this, Matcha tea can control cholesterol levels in the body by regular intake. It can help reduce blood pressure, increase mood and cognitive function, increase energy and control blood sugar. Some people consider Matcha tea as an alternative to coffee. Let’s know in detail the health benefits of Matcha tea.

 Matcha Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you can start regular intake of Matcha tea. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate results in the use of excess fat in your body, which can help you lose weight. In addition, if you do proper exercise after consuming Matcha tea, it can increase the rate of fat burning by 25 percent.

Matcha Tea Benefits for Immune System Boost

Your immune power plays a special role in keeping your body immune to diseases. You can increase your immunity by consuming Matcha tea. This is because it has a high amount of antioxidant and has antibiotic properties as well. Apart from this, by consuming 1 cup of Matcha tea, you can get a good amount of potassium, vitamins A and C, iron, protein and calcium. Studies also show that the properties present in this medicinal tea are able to reduce the effect of HIV on T-cells quite considerably.

Matcha Tea Benefits for Cholesterol Control

Researchers have found in some studies that Matcha tea can control cholesterol levels. The level of poor cholesterol (LDL) is found to be very low in people who regularly take Matcha tea. Also, high levels of good cholesterol (HDL) are seen in their bodies. This makes it clear that Matcha tea can help control cholesterol levels in the body. People who regularly eat Matcha tea, have a chance of reducing heart disease by 11 percent. If you want to keep your heart healthy, then you can get the benefits of Matcha tea.

Matcha Tea for Energy Boost

Matcha tea has been used as an energy drink since ancient times. In contrast, almost all green teas contain caffeine, while other useful nutrients present in Matcha tea help in increasing physical energy. Due to the effects of L-theanine present in it, the consumption of Matcha tea helps in controlling excitation and high blood pressure. Along with this, it can also help in getting accelerated energy to your body. If you are also experiencing physical weakness then you can take Matcha tea.

Matcha Tea Benefits for Mental Health

Matcha tea has the ability to increase cognitive function and concentration. This is because Matcha tea contains high amounts of L-theanine which is an amino acid. It helps increase brain recall and concentration by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Matcha tea can prevent loss of memory in children and senior citizens.

Matcha Tea for Eye Health

Some studies confirm that Matcha tea is beneficial for the eyes. This is because in Matcha tea, the existing catechu is absorbed by different parts of the eye, which can help to overcome glaucoma and other problems related to the eyes. People who have problems related to the eyes, can get benefits by consuming Matcha tea.

 Matcha Tea Benefits for Arthritis

Matcha tea also has benefits for the arthritis patients due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that polyphenols are present in black, green, white and all other types of tea. Studies show that Matcha tea helps protect bones. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it, help reduce inflammation of arthritis. In addition, Matcha tea also contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) that inhibits the production of molecules. It causes joint damage in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Consuming Matcha tea regularly can help prevent the onset of arthritis.

Matcha Tea for Heart Health

You can keep your heart healthy if you consume Matcha tea regularly. This can protect you from serious health problems such as heart attack or stroke. Apart from consuming Matcha tea, you can also include it in your regular diet. Along with the consumption of Matcha tea, you can also take other foods which help in keeping your heart healthy. Apart from these foods, proper exercise can also be beneficial for you.

Matcha Tea for Oral Health

90 percent of the problems in the mouth are caused by viruses. When the number of viruses in your mouth gets out of control, it can cause bad smell, bleeding gums and other problems related to the mouth. But these problems can be avoided by regularly consuming Matcha tea. The antioxidants present in it help to destroy harmful bacteria and prevent their growth. In this way you can use Matcha tea to maintain the complete health of your mouth.

 Matcha Tea Benefits for Skin

You can also use Matcha tea to enhance the beauty of your face. You can prepare face mask for your face using this medicinal herb. The catechins present in Matcha tea help in protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are the leading cause of symptoms of premature aging. Apart from this, the use of pasta made from Matcha tea leaves is also considered effective for the treatment of acne. You can reap the benefits of Matcha tea to promote beauty.

Matcha Tea Benefits for Oxidative Stress

Another advantage of Matcha tea is that it provides various health benefits is to reduce oxidative stress. Oxyative stress occurs when oxygen-free radicals damage the body and its cells. In the event of oxidative stress, the body can have serious problems such as cancer, gene proliferation, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheim, heart attack and heart failure. The antioxidants present in Matcha tea help in reducing all such possibilities. Reducing oxidative stress is very easy. For this, you should include foods with high antioxidants including Matcha tea in your regular diet.

‘Macha’ tea removes stress and nervousness

If you are living a very stressful life, don’t worry, Japanese Matcha tea can relieve your anxiety and nervousness. In a new study, researchers claim that Japanese Matcha tea contains many medicinal ingredients to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

The study is published in a journal called ‘Functional Food’. In studies conducted on mice, researchers found that when mice consumed Matcha tea powder and extracts, there was a surprising decrease in the anxious behavior of these rodents.

The lead author of this study and a researcher at Kumamoto University, Japan, said that tea contains ingredients that activate the dopamine D1 receptors and serotonin 5-HTA9 receptors in the body. Both of these are responsible for worrying behavior. However, he also said that more study is needed on this tea. He said that the results of our study showed that Matcha tea has many medicinal properties which can be very beneficial for the human body as well. He said that he hopes that people around the world will be able to enjoy health benefits by using Matcha tea.

Researchers said that during the study, they also found that the consumption of this tea extract with only hot water reduced anxiety and nervousness by 80 per cent, whereas tea leaves grown in shady places were found to be 90 per cent more effective.

The correct method of making this tea

To make Matcha tea the traditional and correct way, heat this tea but do not boil it until it is half a cup. Take a teaspoon of tea and knead it in water and make it like foam. In this method, you will be able to take advantage of tea more and more.

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