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It usually devlopes as people gets older, 10/15 percent Indians can’t drink milk or eat dairy products because their bodies do not produce enough LACTASE,( the enzyme necessary to digest milk products) Milk intolerance is world s most common complaints.

Symptoms include, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The symptoms are caused by the milk sugar, LACTOSE, and not by milk.

The problem is that dairy products are also a major source of calcium and if not eaten then low calcium becomes our biggest mineral deficiency and resultant many health issues like Osteoporosis and blood pressure. Although Curd, cheese, buttermilk and sour Cream can be taken as they are easily digested.

However solution is to avoid dairy products and concentrate on other foods that are High in calcium like, dark green Leafy vegetables, dried beans and peas, whole grains and Amla .

Other solutions could be use of LACTAID MILK that comes with already lactase in it , available in some super store’s and second option may be adding LACTASE enzyme drops or tablets purchased from a health food store or drugstore.

As trial after using drop or tablets of lactase , we can gradually add small amount of milk products in our diet while watching for symptoms of flatulence, diarrhea or abdominal cramps. When symptoms appear, then stop it.

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