Treat baldness: 47 home remedies for growing new hair

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Baldness home remedies

Reasons for Baldness

There are various reasons for baldness and hair loss which are as follows-

★ do more mental work

★ Hereditary (a disease of baldness that has gone on for generations)

★ Lack of vitamins in food

★ Old age

★ Blood disorder

★ Ringworm in the head

Broken hair keeps coming in hand while combing or massaging the scalp. Gradually, the hair in the head is left with little or no.

Ayurvedic and home remedies for baldness

1. Treatment of baldness with ivory:

Mixing goat’s milk and Rasota in ivory ashes and applying it on the head causes hair to grow.

2. Treatment of baldness using mango:

Massage daily with one year old mango pickle oil. This reduces the disease of baldness.

3. Home remedies of baldness with banana:

Applying ripe banana pulp with lemon juice and applying it baldness is cured.

4. Use of curd in baldness:

Rub the curd with a copper vessel for so long that it turns green. By applying it in the head, hair will start growing.

5. Correct baldness caused by the use of cabbage:

Massage the scalp for one month with cabbage juice, baldness is cured.

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6. Treatment of baldness using alum:

Grind 5-5 grams of alum and raisins with water and apply on scalp for 3-4 days, baldness is eliminated.

7. Home remedies of baldness from clan:

Grind 5-5 grams of clan, raw icing and less roasted rye together and mix it in mustard oil on the baldness of the head. It cures baldness.

8. Use of castor in baldness is beneficial:

Burn turmeric in castor or mustard oil, sieve and mix a little camphor in it and massage it on the bald area of ​​the head. This causes hair on the head to grow.

9. Treatment of baldness using tobacco:

Add 20-20 grams of tobacco, gul gul and kaner leaves in 100 ml mustard oil and cool it and apply it on the head. Head hair starts coming on the head.


10. Treatment of baldness with tamarisk:

After drying 100 grams of tamarind root shade, coarsely, boil it in 500 ml water, after 100 ml water remains, burn it in 100 ml sesame oil and then apply it to the hair after cooling. It also reduces hair loss.

11. Treatment of baldness using Gorakhmundi:

Taking 5 grams of Gorakhmundi powder with water in the morning reduces hair fall.

12. Use of black pepper in baldness is beneficial:

Grind black pepper and salt powder with onion and give relief from the complaint of scalp and hair loss.

13. Treatment of fenugreek baldness:

• Applying fenugreek seeds to hair stops hair fall.

• Grind the fenugreek fenugreek and apply it daily in place of Ganj.



14. Treatment of baldness using onion:

• After mixing onion juice with honey and applying it to the place of baldness, hair starts growing again.

• Rubbing onion juice on the part of Ganj (hair from somewhere on the head is called Ganj) causes hair to grow back and stops hair fall.

• Mixing salt and black pepper powder in onion juice and massaging the head causes hair to regrow due to headworms.

15. The use of Mahanimb (Bakayan) can cure baldness:

Taking about 1 gram of one-fourth of the middle part (middle part) of Mahanimb seed or 3 grams to 6 grams of bark powder is beneficial. Give it 2 times a day, i.e. in the morning or evening, or even 5 to 10 ml juice of its leaves can be given. It is beneficial in baldness.

16. Treatment of baldness using Harsingar:

Grinding the seeds of Harsingar with water and applying the place of baldness of the head, new hair starts coming on the head.

17. Treatment of baldness with Karanja:

Grinding the flowers of Karanja and tying it in the head provides relief from baldness and new hair starts coming. Tie it daily at night and clean it with lemon juice mixed water in the morning.


18. Treatment of baldness using karajani (Gunja):

• Applying a mixture of karjani seeds on baldness causes new hair to grow. Apply it daily at night and tie the head and clean it with water mixed with lemon juice in the morning. It’s profitable.

• Use of clean oil of Gunja seeds is beneficial in hair.

19. Home remedy for baldness with Rohis grass:

Massaging the oil of Rohis grass leaves in the head is beneficial in baldness and new hair comes out.

20. Use of Bhangraiah in baldness:

Rubbing the juice of Bhangraiya daily in the bald head and taking 5-10 grams of its juice in the morning and evening, cures baldness.

21. Using Balikahu causes baldness:

Grinding the seeds of Vikkanhu and the thumb together and applying it reduces baldness and hair loss.


22. Treatment of baldness with rosemary:

Rosemary oil is used in baldness and hair loss.

23. Treatment of baldness with linseed (Teasi):

After burning banyan (Vatavriksha) leaves in linseed oil, grind it and filter it. Apply this oil in the head twice a day. Similarly, by applying it, hair starts growing again on the head.

24. Use of Amarbel in baldness:

• Massaging the juice of Amarbel in the scalp daily makes hair grow.

• To remove baldness caused by hair loss, prepare a paste by rubbing the immortal vine in water on the bald area, apply this paste regularly twice a day for about four or five weeks. It will definitely benefit.

25. Use of icing in baldness is beneficial:

Grind 20 grams icing and 20 grams camphor both in water and dissolve it in water and wash hair to reduce hair fall.



26. Benefits of Anantmool in Baldness:

By eating 2 grams powder of root of root of root, head hair grows and white hair starts turning black.

27. Home remedy for baldness with coriander:

Massaging the coriander with water (juice of leaves) on the head eradicates baldness and new hairs start coming. By applying green coriander juice on the head, hair comes out.

28. Treatment of baldness with beetroot:

Massage the juice of beet leaves in the head, baldness disappears and new hairs start coming.

29. Use of garlic in baldness is beneficial:

Applying garlic juice on the head makes hair grow. Using it for 60 days can remove baldness.

30. Treatment of baldness using castor:

Jatipat, Karanja Seed, Varun Bark, Karveer Mool and Chitrak should all be taken in equal quantities after mixing and using clean oil, benefits hair.

31. Treatment of baldness using amalaki:

Preparing a paste of Amalki fruit marrow and mango seeds, which have been peeled, prepared in water and used, will benefit from baldness.

32. Use of Rasanjan (cook) can cure baldness:

Baldness is cured by applying Rasanjan and goat milk mixed with ivory and applying it on the head.

33. Treatment of baldness using Jamalgota:

Grind Jamalgotta seeds in lemon juice and apply on the head. Wash it soon after drying, applying it every day will benefit in baldness.

34. Home remedy for baldness with the use of Dhatura:

• Rubbing Dhatura juice on the head helps hair grow. It should be used regularly for a few weeks.

• Applying juice of Dhatura leaves kills alopecia (baldness).

35. Benefits of using liquorice in baldness:

Make a paste of turmeric powder, milk and some saffron paste and apply it regularly in the head. Apply turmeric on the head to get relief in excess dandruff and hair loss.


36. Treatment of baldness using milk:

Mixing the juice of its Panchang (root, stem, leaf, fruit and flower) and the juice of Kaner leaves and applying it on the bald area of ​​the head stops the hair white hair and baldness is removed.

37. Treatment of baldness using Nigella:

Mixing burnt Nigella hair with oil regularly and massaging with baldness is beneficial.

38. Treatment of baldness using aloe vera:

The pulp of blood melted Kumari (which consists of orange and some red flowers) is smelled in spirit and applied on the head, the hair becomes black and hair is grown by applying it in bald head.

39. Use of jaggery in baldness is beneficial:

• Grind the fruit of jiggery with Kaligai’s urine and apply it on the place of baldness, it cures baldness. It is also beneficial in hair growth.

Note: Its seeds are round and contain many seeds.

• To remove baldness, apply black pepper flowers in the urine of Kaligai to increase hair and remove baldness.

• Grind jaggery leaves and apply pulp to hair. Wash and clean the hair after 2 hours. By doing this experiment regularly, not only the hair gets nourishment, but also the head feels cool.

• Mix equal quantity of olive oil in the juice of fresh flowers of jaggery and cook in the fire. When only the oil is left, fill it in the vial. By applying this oil to the roots after rubbing it in the hair, the hair becomes shiny and long.

• Grind jaggery flowers and beetles flowers with lamb milk and keep them in an iron pot. After 7 days, take it out and mix it with Bhringraj juice and keep it in an iron pot. After 7 days, remove it and mix it with the juice of Bhringraj’s almanac, heat it at night and apply it on the hair. Get up in the morning and wash your head. This causes hair to turn black.

40. Treating baldness using Kateri:

Mixing a little honey in 20-50 ml juice of Kateri leaves and massaging it on the bald head eliminates germs within a few days. This makes the skin soft and bald spots bring new hair.


41. Home remedy for baldness with Urad:

Boil and grind Urad Dal. Apply it on the head at bedtime at night. By this, baldness gradually goes away and new hair starts coming.

42. Treatment of baldness using lemon:

Rubbing lemon juice continuously for 1 to 2 months daily makes hair grow back.

43. Use of Neem in baldness is beneficial:

• Take 10 grams of Neem leaves and 10 grams of plum leaves and grind them well and prepare its paste. After that, apply this paste on the head and wash it after 1 to 2 hours, hair will grow. Using it for one month is beneficial.

• Boil 100 grams of Neem leaves in one liter of water. By washing this hair, applying Neem oil causes hair to grow.

• Smelling of Neem oil ends baldness.

• Applying Neem oil on a rash made of hair for 2-3 months daily makes hair grow.

44. Treatment of alopecia with Parwal:

Applying juice of bitter Parwal leaves on baldness of the head is beneficial.


45. Treatment of baldness using Lata Karanja:

• Applying Lata Karanja oil to the head provides relief in baldness.

• Grind 6 to 12 grams of Lata Karanja and apply it on the head to remove baldness of the head.

46. ​​Pomegranate: Grind pomegranate leaves in water and apply it on the head, baldness disappears. Eating sweet pomegranate daily makes the stomach soft and gives strength to the senses.

47. Baldness is cured by the use of Apamarg:

Burn and mash the leaves of unripe leaves in bitter oil (mustard) and make ointments. By applying it regularly on bald spots, there will be a possibility of hair growth again.

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