Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, know which is the best diet for weight loss

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To lose weight people adopt different types of diet, but even after that they are not able to gain weight. In a recent survey, it has been tried to know which diet is better for weight loss.

Diet affects weight

Learn the right diet to lose weight

Diet and weight survey

This debate about weight loss has been going on for a long time which diet is better in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. A survey has been done to remove this dilemma of the people. This survey has been done by Max Planck Institute of Germany. Researchers found that people who ate plant-based food had a lower body mass index (BMI) and therefore had lower weight.

The results of this study have been published in the journal Nutrients. It states that the lower the ratio of eating meat to a person’s diet, the lower the body mass index. Researchers say this is because even a small amount of plant diet completely fills the stomach. It also depends on which animal product a person is eating. For example, people who eat meat, fish have higher body mass index than those who eat eggs, milk, dairy products, cheese and butter.

Evelyn Medawar, author of the study, said, ‘The products in which fat and sugar are found more, they work to increase obesity. Eating them increases appetite. If you do not eat animal food, then the consumption of such products will automatically reduce. Fiber is found in vegetarian food and eating it has good effect on the body. Eating vegetarian food does not make the hunger too fast as compared to the animal product.

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