Vitamin-D deficiency in the body increases the risk of corona! Report claims

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Health experts claim that vitamin-D not only keeps our immune system healthy, but also boosts T-cells and macrophages that fight infection in the body.

60% higher risk of corona infection due to vitamin-D deficiency

Vitamin D boosts immunity and T cells in the body

The number of patients infected with Corona virus in the world is increasing rapidly. According to a new report, the risk of corona infection in people who are deficient in vitamin D is up to 60 percent. Experts claim that vitamin-D not only maintains our immune system, but also boosts T-cells (T Cells) and macrophages that fight infection in the body.

In a new research by the University of Chicago, about 20 percent of those who were deficient in vitamin-D have been found to be Kovid-19 positive. At the same time, only 12 percent of those people who were not deficient in Vitamin-D, got the infection. However, some experts do not believe in rinsing the connection between Vitamin D and Covid-19.

What is the expert saying

Some doctors say that vitamin D can not protect a person from this disease by becoming a protective shield. While the new report claimed that due to adequate levels of vitamin-D in the body, the risk of corona can be reduced to a great extent. However, some clinical trials will have to be done to prove this. Only then can it be said clearly.

Researchers have described the sun’s rays as a good source of vitamin-D, which, after ingestion from the skin, fulfills the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Let us know that doctors are giving vitamin-C to patients in normal conditions after being caught by corona virus infection. However, this person can be given this medicine only after the advice of the doctors.

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