What is Anxiety – Causes, Common Symptoms, Types and Treatment

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Anxiety is fatal for humans! In addition to injuring the brain, it also harms the body. Today, we are going to focus on what is anxiety—causes, common symptoms and treatment. In this race, the way our life has become, it is very common to have anxiety. Lack of trust in relationships, race to get ahead of each other, feeling insecure, fighting and fighting, wrong behavior, irregularity, staying away from society, being absorbed in one’s own life are all the reasons for restlessness. Anxiety happens to everyone but it is difficult to recognize it as a disease.

If a particular negative thought or problem persists for a very long time and it starts affecting your everyday life, then it is really dangerous.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is born out of depression, despair and sadness. When we ignore our feelings they cause our unhappiness. Similarly, depression can take the form of anxiety if ignored.

In this situation, the person is always afraid that something wrong is going to happen. These are panic attacks. Anxiety attacks make a person feel anxious, afraid and nervous all the time. Apart from this, the problem of vomiting and nausea is also felt, the heartbeat becomes faster and breathlessness starts. If this happens again and again, then definitely contact the doctor, otherwise it can be fatal.

Whenever a thought goes beyond its specified level, it is called Anxiety.

Ideas should always be done up to a certain level. Never exceed the limit. As long as no thoughts bother you, they are normal, but when a thought or thought starts to surprise or disturb you after going above a certain level, then it is a matter of concern.

 Common symptoms of Anxiety-

1.) to worry unnecessarily

2.) increased heart rate

3.) Feeling of stretch in the chest

4.) Breathlessness

5.) Afraid of going in front of people

6.) Afraid of interacting with people

7.) Fear of going to the lift etc. that you will not be able to get back

8.) Cleansing to the extent of passion

9.) Getting things right again and again

10.) Getting frustrated with life

11.) Thinking that you are going to die or someone will kill you

12.) Being restless remembering old things

13.) Increased muscle tension

14.) Increase in extravagant thoughts

15.) Feeling restless for no reason

16.) Too much attachment to unnecessary things

17.) Get frustrated quickly

18.) unnecessarily insisting on something etc.

Types of Anxiety-

1.) General Anxiety

2.) Uncontrollable obsessive type

3.) Social Anxiety Type

4.) Fear or Phobia

5.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

6.) Panic

 Anxiety Causes

1. To worry too much

Overthinking of small things and this happening again and again in your life is a symptom of anxiety. Due to this, you are not able to do your important work well.

2. Stressful Events

Unbelievable events like workload, stress, death of a loved one or breakup with girlfriend etc.

3. Family History

Individuals who have had a family history of mental disorders are more likely to develop anxiety disorders like OCD disorder that can be passed from one generation to the next.

4. Health related matters

Thyroid disease, asthma, diabetes or heart disease etc. People suffering from depression can also be in the grip of anxiety. A person who has been suffering from depression for a long time, his efficiency starts to decline. Due to this the stress related to work starts increasing and then anxiety is born.

5. Drug use

Many people turn to alcohol, drugs and other drugs to forget the pain, sorrow, despair, sadness and pain. Believe me, these things can never be the cure for Anxiety. Drug use only exacerbates the problems. As soon as the effect of the drug wears off, the same problems start increasing again.

6. Personality Disorders

Some people have a habit of working with completeness but when this totally stubbornness becomes a fad then it comes under anxiety. This stubbornness gives rise to unreasonable panic and anxiety in those people.

Result of Anxiety-

1. Getting excited

When someone is very upset, his sympathetic nervous system starts working very fast, due to which the heart rate starts to increase very fast, sweating, hands and feet start trembling and dry mouth starts.

2. Getting nervous

On thinking too much, there is discomfort and nervousness, which is a symptom of anxiety itself. It can be very harmful. Before it escalates, it is important to see a doctor.

3. Getting tired

When we start feeling more tired, first of all it is important to know whether it is normal feeling or it is happening due to some anxiety. If there is a headache or nervousness due to this fatigue, then it is a symptom of anxiety. Worrying too much leads to sleeplessness and stress increases.

4. Difficulty paying attention

Research has shown that people who worry a lot have difficulty concentrating and worrying also affects memory.

5. Being irritable

People suffering from anxiety are very irritable. They show anger and irritability over talk, which lowers their social status. That’s why they stay away from people.

6. Muscle Tension

There is tension in the muscles. A person starts having anxiety attacks, he finds himself insecure everywhere.

7. Having trouble sleeping

One of the symptoms of anxiety is that the person is unable to sleep properly. Falling asleep due to not getting enough sleep or waking up in the middle of the night are also symptoms of anxiety.

8. Having a panic attack

People suffering from anxiety start having panic attacks, due to which the heartbeat starts increasing and sweating starts.

In pregnant women, the baby (fetus) has trouble breathing, which increases the risk of miscarriage. The sufferer suffers from problems like tightness in the chest, vomiting and loss of balance on himself.

9. Being cut off from society

People who are more anxious are afraid of social situations. They do not like to sit in the society. Such people feel that society will not give importance to them and their words.

10. Lack of satisfaction

A person suffering from anxiety is never able to experience satisfaction. He always feels pain and is unable to enjoy a contented life.

Treatment of Anxiety-

1.) Anxiety can happen at any time to a person but if it is not treated at the right time it can take the form of depression and the sufferer may have panic and anxiety attacks.

2.) We can get rid of this problem but the seriousness of this problem should not be underestimated. If you, someone in your family or someone you know is suffering from any symptom of anxiety, then it is best that you seek the help of a good doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist for treatment.

3.) Anxiety can be treated very easily with the combined use of both medicines and counseling.

4.) When there is a problem of Anxiety, its solution is not that you should sit on it as the ultimate truth. Face the problem with courage. One day this anxiety will definitely go away from you.

5.) There is a huge difference between being careful and worrying! To be careful means to be awake whereas to worry means to keep thinking deeply about the thoughts which eat you from inside, so be careful not to worry.

What to eat to remove Anxiety?

1.) Consuming spinach helps in removing anxiety. You can grind spinach and extract its juice and consume it. Spinach can also be eaten as a vegetable. Spinach has anti-stress and anti-depressive properties which helps in relieving anxiety and anxiety.

2.) Carrots can also be consumed to relieve anxiety. You can eat carrot in the form of salad or can also consume it after extracting its juice. Vitamin A, C and K are found in carrots, as well as potassium is also in large amounts, which helps in getting rid of anxiety and anxiety.

3.) Massaging the head by mixing almond, lavender and oil of Michelia, alba leaf etc. also removes the problem of restlessness. This blend of oils has anti-anxiety properties that help in relieving nervousness and restlessness.

4.) Nutmeg also helps a lot to remove anxiety. Use it in powder form during breakfast and cooking. Nutmeg oil can be used to improve mood. For this, put a few drops of nutmeg oil on a handkerchief and keep smelling it. This will give a lot of relief.

“Worrying decreases cleverness,

body depleted by sorrow,

Lakshmi decreases from sin

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