What is the right way to work on the habit of ‘Work from home’ till the vaccine arrives?

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It is about six months since Corona was knocked into the world. Most countries are preparing to start economic activities. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that it is not possible to prevent it until the virus is vaccinated. It is important to follow social distance. In such a situation, people will have to make a habit of working from home for some time to come, but some important things have to be kept in mind.

89 Percent Suffer from Inability to Sleep

Dr Sufi Bostock, a UK sleep specialist, tells us not to work at all in bed at work from home. Working in this manner for a long time can spoil the body’s posture. Performance may decrease.  In severe cases, the person may have poor night sleep. It has been observed that 89 per cent of those who sit in bed and work in office are suffering from sleep related problems.

Do not work at home wearing pajamas

If you want to work like an office at home, then first of all, whatever is the time of going to the office, keep your routine and ready accordingly. Do not work by wearing low or pajamas. You should not mind these things at work. Take care of cleanliness so that there is no deviation in mind during work.

Do work by sitting in a chair, not on a bed

Working on the laptop while sitting on the bed, increases the possibility of backache, as the person bends the body conveniently to look at the laptop. Work in a chair or desk so that the back is straight. Take care if you are in isolation. Differentiate between rest and work.

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