Corona’s havoc: By the first week of July in India, there will be 21 lakh corona infected

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Since the relaxation of Lockdown-4, the number of corona infections in India has been steadily increasing every day. The University of Michigan and John Hopkins University warned that if the situation remains the same, then in the first week of July, 2.1 million people in India will be infected with corona. The University of Michigan itself claimed the number of infections reached one lakh in May.

Lockdown exemption dangerous

Biostatistics and epidemiologist at the University of Michigan Professor Bhramar Mukherjee informed through a model designed for India that the situation here could be more serious. Professor Bhramar Mukherjee says that the incidence of infection in India has not decreased yet, according to government data, the corona virus infection cases in India are doubling every 13 days. In such a situation, loosening the restrictions related to the lockdown of the government can increase the odds.

The team at John Hopkins University and Mukherjee have also expressed concern over the lack of beds and ventilators in health services and hospitals in India. According to government figures, there are about 7,14,000 hospital beds in India at present, compared to around 5,40,000 in 2009.

Mukherjee’s claim proved to be correct

Earlier, Professor Mukherjee’s team had first told in April that by mid-May, the number of infected people in India will be more than 1 lakh. Now Mukherjee’s team estimates that 6,30,000 to 21 lakh people in India can be infected with the virus by the beginning of July.

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