Dhruvastra missile of Indian Army will destroy enemy tank by chasing

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Just shoot and forget. This is the motto of the Army’s new missile Dhruvastra. India-made Dhruvastra missile operates at a speed of 230 meters per second. That means 828 kilometers per hour. This speed is so that in the blink of an eye it can ruin the enemy’s heaviest tank.

Dhruvastra ranges from 500 meters to 4 kilometers. The old name of Dhruvastra missile was Nag missile. It was successfully tested on 15-16 July in Balasore, Odisha. Now this missile is ready to be handed over to the army.

The army will deploy this Dhruvastra missile in Dhruv helicopter. After this missile is equipped, Dhruv missile attack will become a helicopter. So that if necessary, the enemy can be forced to chew Nako gram.

After successful test of Dhruvastra missile, it is considered a major achievement for Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Army. Now India will not have to depend on other country for anti-tank guided missile.

According to Dardo, Dhruvastra is a third-generation ‘stain and forget’ anti-tank missile (ATGM) system, which is installed on modern lightweight helicopters. Dhruvastra missile is capable of attacking in all weather. Also, it can be stained in day or night.

The Dhruvastra missile weighs about 45 kg. It is 6 feet one inch long. Its diameter is 7.9 inches. By putting 8 kg of explosives in it, it can be made an excellent lethal missile.

The missile has a heat sensor, infrared homing imaging system and millimeter wave active radar. Heat sensor catches the heat of any tank and destroys it by setting its direction. Infrared imaging has the advantage of night and bad weather.

The situation of border tension with China remains intact. The army is fully alert, on the other hand DRDO is making indigenous missiles to promote Make in India. Let us know that soon India will also get Rafale fighter aircraft from France which will be deployed at Ambala airbase.

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