Here is the groom’s farewell after marriage, what is the story of Khasi tribe’s practice? Learn

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The Khasi tribe is a tribe in which the bride does not bid farewell after marriage, but the groom departs and stays in the bride’s house.

India has been a male dominated country from the beginning and there has been a practice of farewell of brides after marriage since ancient times, but there are many religions, castes and communities in India, which have different customs, but One similarity is seen in people of all religions and that is the farewell of the bride. In all religions, after marriage, the bride is given a farewell, but do you know that there is a tribe in our country where the bridegroom is not the bride but the bridegroom? Yes, we are talking about the Khasi tribe in Meghalaya. This is a matriarchal society where the groom’s farewell practice has been in place for centuries. Actually, women have the first right over the parents’ property here. Also, women can marry their partner of choice. At the same time, people of this community are strongly against the dowry system. According to the information, about 9 lakh people are found in this community, who are settled in Meghalaya.

Where do the people of Khasi community live

In addition to Meghalaya, people of Khasi society also live in Assam, Manipur and West Bengal. Whereas earlier this caste used to live in Myanmar. This community makes a living by cultivating jhum. At the same time, people of this community are very fond of music.

Two other castes also bid farewell to the groom

Apart from the Khasi tribe, two more tribes are found in Meghalaya, where the groom’s farewell custom is the Garo and Jaintia caste. Here too, after marriage, the groom stays at his wife’s house. Its special thing is that a lot of happiness is celebrated here when there is a daughter.

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