Terrorist leader Syed Salauddin in shock due to Riyaz Naiku’s death, said India’s side is heavy

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Salauddin said, ‘The chain of martyrs has been going on from the beginning. 80 Mujahideen have been martyred since January 1, 2020 till date. He goes on to say, ‘Mujahdin also broke the back of the enemy in the recent Handwara, Rajwar action,’ but it is a fact that India’s pan is heavy at the moment.

New Delhi: Pakistan’s face has once been exposed by a video of terrorist king Syed Salauddin. A video of Global Terrorist Salauddin has emerged from Pakistan’s nefarious land. On one hand, Imran Khan says that terrorists are not being brought up in Pakistan, while the Global Terrorist is holding open meetings. In a video recently revealed, terrorist kingpin Salauddin is addressing some people. In this video, it is clearly shown that Salauddin himself is shocked and upset. Riyaz Naiku’s handing over of Indian security forces is a big success for India.

The effect of taking an aggressive stance on terrorism after the arrival of the Modi government is clearly seen on the morale of Pakistan and Pakistan’s terrorists. After the demise of Hizbul Mujahideen’s top commander Riyaz Naikoo, Global Terrorist Syed Salauddin has said that India’s pan is too heavy. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s anger often comes to the fore.

Syed Salauddin, the head of this terrorist organization, addressed a gathering a day after the Hizbul terrorist Riyaz Naiku was killed. In that meeting, he also admitted that Hizbul was involved in the martyrdom of National Rifle Colonel Ashutosh Sharma and Major Anuj Sood in addition to 2 Army personnel and Sub-Inspector Shakeel Qazi of Jammu and Kashmir Police in Handwara on 3 May. He said that India has killed 80 terrorists this year.

Salauddin said, “The process of martyrdom has been going on since the beginning. Only 80 Mujahideen have been martyred to date since January 1, 2020. ‘He further says,’ Mujahuddin has also broken the back of the enemy in the recent Handwara, Rajwar action. ‘In this video, Salauddin said but’ this reality Is that India’s pan is heavy at the moment.

The condition of terrorist organizations and big terrorists operating in Kashmir has come to a standstill after the killing of Riyaz Naiku, the commander of the terrorist organization Hizbul Mujahideen. The statements of the dreaded terrorist Syed Salauddin are also confirming the same. Keep in mind that Riyaz Naiku was surrounded and killed on 6 May in his native village. He was the last major terrorist on the list of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval’s ‘Operation Jackboot’.

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