What is a family one job plan, how to get a government job?

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If you are an educated youth / utility and no member in your family has got a government job yet, then the new scheme of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji is only for you people who are looking for a government job and a government job. A family has started a job scheme for those who want to get it, let’s know what is this scheme and what kind of job can you get under it?

One Family One Job Plan 2019

As it is clear from the name of the scheme “One family one job scheme”, any one member within a family will be given a government job, it is very good for such people, yet in whose family no one has a government job. You can take advantage of this scheme very easily, this is a big opportunity for people who are educated and whose family members do not have a government job.

One Family One Job Plan Launched

One family one government job scheme has been launched by the government and as soon as it starts, one can see the atmosphere of enthusiasm among the youth and youth of the country. In today’s time, everyone needs a job, everyone wants that they get a good salary and their life can be done without any problem. As of now, there are mostly families who do not have a government job, none of the family members are in government jobs, in such a situation, this scheme can serve as a milestone for the families of those poor people who are financially Despite being educated, they are not getting a government job.

You know how difficult it is to get a government job in our country, because corruption is very high here, people who are qualified for the job, they do not get a job and such people get jobs which are in the form of bribe of two to four lakhs. They give and with the coming of this scheme, corruption will come down and such people will be able to get a government job which really deserves it. The only objective of this scheme is to provide a government job to any member in each poor family, on which the government has started work and many youths of the country have also been given jobs under this scheme.

Family, a job plan has been given more priority to women so that women can become self-sufficient and they can also get the right to live in the family as well as the men can walk step by step.

Qualification for a family one job plan

Some qualifications have been ensured to take advantage of a family one job plan. If you meet the criteria of these qualifications then you are given a government job.

To avail the benefit of the scheme, it is mandatory for the beneficiary to have an Aadhaar card, if you do not have an Aadhaar card, you will not be able to apply for it.

In this scheme, only one member of a family will be given a government job, that is, no other member of a family will be given a government job under the scheme.

– The persons applying under this scheme should be between 18 years to 55 years of age.

– A family must be a permanent resident of their state to take advantage of a job scheme.

Documents required for a family one job plan

To avail this scheme, you must have the following documents

– It is very important for the applicant to have an identity card i.e. a voter ID card.

– To take advantage of the scheme, it is also mandatory for the applicant to have an Aadhaar card.

– To apply, the applicant must also have an income certificate.

– To take advantage of the scheme, the applicant should have a bonafide certificate.

According to the eligibility of the beneficiary for the application in the scheme, it is necessary to be admitted to different departments.

How to apply online for getting a job under the scheme

Under the One Family One Job Scheme, provision has been made by the government to provide jobs to the youth of poor families and under this scheme more than 12000 youth have been recruited and appointment letters have also been given to them.

⇒ The rest of the youth of the country will soon be provided the link for applying under this scheme and they will be able to apply online, the entire responsibility of operating the scheme has been entrusted to the Department of Personnel and to implement the scheme in the country The government has given 5 years to the Department of Personnel. The government has started an online application for application in the scheme, for which interested beneficiaries can register themselves online.

Note: – The scheme was announced by the government in its last session but the scheme has not been fully implemented yet. Work on the scheme is underway. As soon as an online application link comes, we will inform you through our website.

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