After the quarantine period, Aryan Khan sent to the jail cell

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Highlights: After the quarantine period, Aryan Khan sent to the jail cell, Shahrukh Khan’s son got prisoner number-N956 in Arthur Road Jail, Starkid was sent money order of Rs 4500 from home for expenses in the canteen.

MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan’s 23-year-old son Aryan Khan is currently going through perhaps the biggest lesson of his life, exams, turmoil and tough times.  The Star kid was caught in the raid of NCB during the drugs party on the cruise and since then their troubles are not seeming to stop. After not getting bail, Aryan finally got the prisoner number identification as well and will now be identified as prisoner number ‘N956’.

Shahrukh Khan’s son, who is called the King of Bollywood, could never have imagined that he would have to see such challenging days. Shahrukh Khan’s son, who lives in the Ash-O-Aaram of the luxurious bungalow Mannat, is now imprisoned in the boundary wall of Mumbai Central Jail and is waiting to breathe in the open air once again with bail. Aryan’s father Shahrukh has sent him a money order of Rs 4500 for the expenses in the jail canteen, one of the starkids who are in the discussion about expensive clothes and expensive vehicles. Actually, Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has completed a week in Mumbai Central Jail (Arthur Road Jail) on Thursday. During the hearing in the court, the judge reserved his order on Aryan’s bail plea in the Mumbai cruise drugs case and now 23-year-old star kid Aryan will be in jail till at least 20 October.

All the accused in the Mumbai drugs case have been kept in a separate barrack from other prisoners for security reasons. As per the COVID protocol, the accused were kept in the ‘quarantine cell’ of the jail till Wednesday but now that their quarantine period is over, all the accused have been shifted to the common barracks after testing negative for COVID-19.Aryan Khan was also allotted prisoner numbers on Thursday. Now Aryan Khan has been identified as ‘Prisoner Number N956’ till bail in Arthur Road Jail. Their barrack numbers have not been disclosed for security reasons.

Food and clothes: Aryan Khan is getting regular jail food but he is shying away from it but the option is nothing else, he is not allowed food from outside. Aryan is reportedly spending time by eating biscuits most of the time.

Money order of Rs 4500: Arthur Road Jail authorities had received a money order of Rs 4,500 from Aryan Khan’s family i.e. Shahrukh Khan’s house on 11 October. This money is for the expenses of their canteen. As per the jail rules, a prisoner is allowed only one money order of Rs 4,500 per month.

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