All-party meeting: Negotiations begin in view of the increasing infection of the corona virus, tough decisions can be taken

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Suggestions were taken in the all-party meeting on Saturday. Decisions will be considered today.

CM said- Government is alert about oxygen, people should wear masks and keep distance

The case of persistent corona infection is increasing in Bihar. On Saturday, 7870 patients were found to break the record. On Saturday, there was a virtual meeting with the Governor in a virtual manner on how to deal with all this. Most suggestions were taken in it. Everyone kept their thoughts. However, no final decision could be taken. Some important decisions can be made today regarding how to reduce the spread of corona. The meeting has started in a virtual way.

After the all-party meeting on Saturday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that any suggestions that have come will be considered. After this, there will be a meeting again on Sunday, only then the final decision will be given. The Chief Minister said that the government is also aware of the availability of oxygen. Said that at least people should be involved in any event. People must use masks. Keep distance with each other.

Tejashwi Yadav gave 30 suggestions in all-party meeting

In the meeting held on Saturday, Tejashwi accused the government. He had said that all the opposition parties have been in the House for the past one year, through letters through the media, constantly giving their valuable suggestions to the government to manage the corona and tackle the epidemic, but it is unfortunate that they have never been implemented. Now the polices of the government’s arrangements have been revealed. Tejashwi Yadav had given 30 suggestions to the government on how work could be done to reduce the spread of corona.

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