America Comes out in India-China Dispute

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The United States has also joined India against the attempts of the Chinese army to encroach into Indian Territory. In its report on Thursday, the White House said that China is doing provocative military activities in all neighbouring countries including India. A day before, the American diplomat had also opened a front against the antics of China in the Indian border, calling it a threat to the whole world.

The White House said in its report, Beijing is violating its principles and mocking its own commitments to neighbouring countries by instigating activities in the Yellow Sea, East and South China Sea, Taiwan Strait and Indo-China border. .

The report titled ‘United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China’ has been submitted to the US Congress. In this report, the strategy of the US government regarding China has been set.

The report said that China’s strength has increased and at the same time, the use of force has also increased in its effort to eliminate any threat that it sees for its strategic objectives and interests all over the world. Beijing’s actions prove to be false to Chinese leaders’ claims that they oppose the use of military power, do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and are committed to resolving all disputes through peaceful negotiations.

Earlier, the top diplomat of the Trump administration also supported India’s resistance against Chinese encroachment. Alice Wells, head of affairs of South and West Asia at the Ministry of External Affairs, said, “If you look at the South China Sea, China has the same strategy. It is constantly trespassing and trying to change the status quo in “South China Sea where we have practiced together with India or our own region of India. China needs to be stopped. “

Wales had said, whoever has the illusion that the threat of Chinese encroachment is not real, they should talk to India, which regularly faces the provocations of the Chinese army.

According to the White House, the US is working closely with many countries against China’s expansionist policy. “This report by the Trump administration is a good start,” said House Thornberry, a House Ordered Services Committee ranking member.

Mac said, this report emphasizes increasing investment in US military strength as well as socializing with their allies and friends. It is true that only by emphasizing every aspect of the country’s strength, we can stop the expansionist actions of China in the Indo-Pacific and the whole world.

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