China implicated the whole world in Corona’s web, know sensational disclosure…

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The report prepared by the American expert after scrutinizing China’s trade data suggests that China had been preparing to deal with Corona for the past several months.

New Delhi: The spate of accusations that China has faced regarding Corona has been steadily increasing and the most vocal superpower in this is the US. Although the US has so far been accused of making rhetoric on China without proof, but now the report has been prepared by the American expert by scrutinizing China’s trade data, it shows that China has been for the past several months was preparing to deal with Corona. China had reduced its exports and accelerated the manufacture of medical equipment since Corona was just wreaking havoc in China. Meaning China created a big round about Corona and the whole world got caught in it.

You have been listening to the news of China and America in the Corona period every day. The sensational accusations of creating the corona virus began in Wuhan’s lab in China and the talk went from WHO to CARTOON-WAR. But each time the accusations were based not on statistics, but on suspicions and suspicions. Now for the first time America has made sensational allegations on China,  accusations that are based solely on statistics. The US has alleged that China kept making preparations keeping the world in the dark, reduced exports and increased imports and filled its treasury by sending medical resources to patients around the world in the Corona period. The US expert has prepared a report after studying China’s trade data for the past few months.

China surrounded on the basis of this report

The US has extracted the import-export data, in which it describes how China reduced exports and increased imports so that everything is already stored with it.

The US is saying that China knew that the situation was going to be worsening because of Kovid 19.

China did not tell the world and kept preparing itself keeping the world in the dark.

China continued to underreport the severity of the corona virus and during this time it increased imports of medical supplies, while reducing exports.

Nearly all of January, China did not inform the World Health Organization that the corona virus was “contagious” so that it could seek medical supplies from abroad, and its imports of face masks, surgical gowns and documents had increased rapidly during this period.

According to the report, these results are based on a 95 percent probability that China’s changes in import and export policy were not normal.

The revelation comes at a time when the Trump administration is constantly criticizing China. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said that China is responsible for the spread of the disease and should be held accountable for it. Pompeo said that not only America but the whole world knows that China has continuously misled the world about Corona. Donald Trump has been making serious allegations about China. Trump has even said that he has strong evidence that the corona virus has been made in Wuhan’s lab in China. When the media asked him if he could make this evidence public, Trump said that I will not do it.

Apart from this, Trump is also issuing his displeasure on China every day. Recently Trump said that China has made a terrible mistake, but it is not ready to accept it. It is obvious that the relationship between America and China is going through the worst phase ever and this time the whole world also seems angry with China. In such a situation, the big question is how far the relationship between China and America can go.

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