China now has world’s largest navy, intends to build military bases in dozens of countries’

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An American report says that China now has the world’s largest navy for which it is trying to build its military bases in dozens of countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.

The Times of India newspaper has given place to this report. The newspaper quoted this report as saying that China now has the world’s largest navy for which China is aggressively searching for new military bases, so as to strengthen its strategic position and reach.

According to the report, China wants these new bases to be developed in the Indo-Pacific region. Also, China’s intention is that the number of nuclear weapons should also be doubled in the coming decade.

According to the newspaper, this report of the Pentagon assessing China’s military expansion was presented in the US Parliament on Tuesday. However, China has dismissed this report as full of bias.

The newspaper has written that this Pentagon report by India needs to be taken seriously because the reach of the Chinese Navy is increasing in India’s maritime area.

Last year, Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karmabir Singh said that India needs to respond to the increasing expansion of the Chinese Army despite all the obstacles.

He had expressed concern about China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean.

The Chief of the Navy had said that “People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has invested a lot of resources behind which their intentions to become a global power are clearly visible.” We need to keep a careful watch on how we can respond with our budget and constraints. ”

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