China’s proposal on Corona’s terrible crisis in India – Press Review

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According to the news of the Times of India, China has expressed its willingness to seek the necessary help to overcome the current situation created by the increasing number of corona patients in India and the lack of medical oxygen for their treatment.

The Union Health Ministry said last week that India is considering importing medical oxygen from abroad.

Citing official sources, it has been said in the news that China is not included in the countries from which India wants to meet its oxygen requirement. India has preferred Gulf countries and Singapore for this.

Citing Kovid-19 as a common enemy for all humanity, citing the need for international solidarity and mutual support, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that it is eyeing the ‘critical situation in India’ where ‘it is necessary to fight the epidemic’ There is currently a shortage of medicines’.

India had asked for medical equipment from China last year. Most of these were negotiated. Both countries have supplied the Corona vaccine to South Asian countries.

However, countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal took the stand of China only after the supply from India was exhausted. But now amidst the deepening corona crisis on the domestic front, India has officially banned the vaccine exports.

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