Color changing smartphone can come in the market, this company is testing

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If your phone changes color by pressing a button, it will be really unique. Vivo is testing similar color changing smartphone with rear panel.

The color of the rear panel can be changed by pressing a button.

Right now it is testing the phone, for this the company will install electrochromic glass.

The phone can be seen changing the color in the video.

Color changing smartphone seems fictitious right now. But Vivo is working on similar smartphones. A video was watched some time ago and now Vivo has confirmed it.

Let us tell you that Vivo is the company that launched the phone with an under display fingerprint scanner for the first time. Now under-display fingerprint scanners are being provided in almost every premium smartphone.

Vivo has posted a video on the Chinese social media Weibo about the color change smartphone. Actually, electrochromic glass will be used for this, which will change the back color of the smartphone.

It is important that a special button will also be provided in the smartphone to change the color. By pressing this, the color of the back of the smartphone can be changed. In this video ported by the company, the color of the rear panel of the phone can be seen changing.

According to Android Authority, this video posted by the company is also coming out that the smartphone is designed to reduce power consumption.

At present, it is not clear when this smartphone will be launched. But according to reports, the company’s color-changing smartphone has moved beyond the concept. That means it is now being tested.

Let us tell you that these days companies are experimenting with color in the rear panel of their smartphones. But till now no company has introduced such a color changing smartphone. Gradient design is common.

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