Corona: Italy’s Mafia Seeks to Earn Crores of Lira

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Corona virus has taken millions of lives worldwide. At this time, Italy’s mafia is in the interest of earning crores of rupees from this epidemic. Italian officials are constantly warning that in this epidemic there are many needy people, who have no other option but to accept the offer of help by the Italian mafia.

The brother of a don of Italy’s infamous Cosa Nostra organized crime group was recently seen distributing goods among the poor in Palermo on the island of Sicily.

When the brother of Mafia Don was contacted through social media, he told, ‘I am helping people because people call me and tell their grief. They say that their children do not even have food to eat. A young woman is calling me every day. She has five children and has no means to feed her children.

This brother of Don who is helping the poor said that if being a mafia means helping people, then he is “proud to be a mafia don”.

Don Gaspare Mutolo, a former Sicilian mafia, told, ‘We used to help people in the same way.’ Gaspare has now become a pardon witness in dozens of cases against Sisley’s Mafia gang.

Gaspare told , “I always tried to woo people. I used to present myself as a hearty person. Mafia gang try such tricks to make a place in people’s hearts. So I have also never told my reality to people. But, remember that I was a criminal who had killed more than twenty people. “

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