Corona virus: High Risk of Infection at Petrol Pump?

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Cases of corona virus infection are increasing worldwide. The gathering of people in public places is prohibited. But, the petrol pumps are open and now such claims are coming out that it is being said that “the virus can be present for several days” at the petrol pump.

According to virologist Dr Joy Grove of University College London, a virus made from a metal or plastic surface can remain alive for several days.

In fact, Dominic Cummings, an assistant to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is accused of making a two-way trip from London to the Darham during the lockdown and is said to have violated the lockdown rules. Also, questions are arising whether he has stayed at any service station during this journey? However, Dominic has denied the allegations.

Dr. Grove said that he cannot say anything in the case of Dominic because the level of infection varies from person to person. But in places like service station, the virus can remain for some time, which is a matter of concern.

He said, “If a person has a virus in their hands, then there is a danger of the virus being left in such places.” That is, if a person touches something made of metal or plastic, then the virus can go to that thing with his hands. And can live there for several days. This increases the risk of getting infected by others.

Sanitize yourself

Lockdown was implemented in countries around the world including India and Britain to prevent corona virus infection. People were appealed to stay in homes and public places were completely closed.

At present, many countries have relaxed their lockdown and some countries are working on its plan. But large numbers of people are prohibited from gathering in most places.

Dr. Grove says that during this epidemic, people need to be vigilant. The government should try to make the lockdown successful and set a better example.

Experts say that avoid coming into contact with things that other people touch at petrol pumps or any other public place.

If you touch such a thing, then definitely sanitize yourself.

Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing hands.

Use a sanitizer or wash your hands with soap.

Fourth phase of lockdown in India

Lockdown is in force in India from 24 March. Currently, its fourth phase is underway, which will remain in force till 31 May. It can be increased even further because the cases of corona infection in India are increasing rapidly and the total cases of infection so far are more than one lakh 31 thousand. Although petrol pumps are continuously open. The government has placed the petrol pump in the category of essential services.

To avoid infection, it has also been decided not to give petrol to those coming without a mask at the petrol pump.

Ajay Bansal, President of All India Petroleum Dealers Association, said in a conversation with news agency ANI on April 19 that petrol and diesel will not be given to anyone who does not wear masks at any petrol pump across the country.

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