Corona virus: people of these countries will be able to come to Europe but Americans are not allowed

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Many members of the European Union have released a list of ‘safe’ non-European countries, regarding who can come in the country and who cannot.

People from the countries included in this list will be able to come to the European Union and Shengan area from July 1.

America has not been given a place in this list whereas people of Australia and Canada will be able to come to these countries of Europe.

People of China will be allowed to come in the condition if they also allow their people to come to the European Union.

The European Union will announce separately whether the people of Britain will be allowed to come or not.

The final decision will be of the country

Under the list of non-European countries that have been included in the European Union, the infection rates, contact tracing programs and health data of those countries have been seen.

However, these countries included in the ‘safe’ list, did not have to meet all the criteria. This list has only been issued as an advice.

This has been done because in the era of the Kovid-19 epidemic, the control of the border is the decision of all countries. But, Germany believes that the European Union needs to work together in this epidemic.

Significantly, from July 1, Germany is going to get the chairmanship of the European Union. So far this list has been released as an advisory.

No European Union country is obliged to allow the people of the countries included in this list to come here but they are also expected that they will not allow the people of those countries who are not in this list. .

This list will be published before July 1 and thereafter it will be continuously updated.

At present, the number of corona virus infected patients has crossed 10 million. Most of the infected patients are in America.

There are currently more than 2.5 million infection cases in the United States, while more than 1.25 lakh people have died there. Around 5 lakh people have died due to Kovid-19 disease all over the world.

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