Dhanteras 2021: The legend of Dhanteras, when Maa Lakshmi stayed at the farmer’s house

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Dhanteras 2021: There are many beliefs about Dhanteras falling two days before Diwali, there are many stories related to it. A story which is very popular about this festival is related to the abode of Goddess Lakshmi on earth.

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Dhanteras 2021: There is a tradition of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, on this day the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated. On this day, worship of Dhanvantari and Kuber, the god of wealth, along with Goddess Lakshmi has special significance. There are many beliefs about Dhanteras, which falls two days before Diwali, there are many stories related to it. A story which is very popular about this festival is related to the abode of Mother Lakshmi on earth.

The Legend of Dhanteras

It is said that at one time Lord Vishnu was going for a walk on the earth, when Mata Lakshmi also started asking him to go along. Vishnu ji said that only if I promise to follow what I say, then I can take you along. Mata Lakshmi accepted this and both of them came to earth. On reaching the earth, Lord Vishnu told Lakshmi ji that you stay here, I am going towards the south direction, do not come there. Mother stayed there, but after some time she started to wonder that what is it in the south direction that the Lord did not take me there with me.

Mother Lakshmi went after Lord Vishnu

Mother did not live with Lakshmi and she also went after Vishnu ji. Mother found a mustard field on the way, beautiful mustard flowers were planted in the field, mother was fascinated and after plucking the flowers she went ahead. A sugarcane field was found ahead, the mother ate the sugarcane after breaking it. Then Vishnu ji came there and was very angry seeing Mata Lakshmi. He said that you have committed a crime by not listening to me by coming to this side and harming the farmer. He cursed Lakshmi ji that now you will have to stay in the farmer’s house for 12 years. After this Mother Lakshmi started living in the poor farmer’s house.

Mata Lakshmi stayed at the farmer’s house

While living in the farmer’s house, one day the goddess told the farmer’s wife that you worship Goddess Lakshmi while taking a bath in the morning, then by doing this you will get what you ask for. The farmer’s wife did the same by obeying the goddess. Due to the effect of worship and the grace of the mother, the farmer’s house was filled with money, grains, gems and ornaments. By the grace of the mother, 12 years of the farmer were cut off with great joy. After 12 years, when the time of Mother Lakshmi’s departure came, the farmer was stubborn that he should not leave his house. Then Lord Vishnu said that no one can stop them, they are fickle.

This is how the worship of Dhanteras started

The farmer stuck to his stubbornness and refused to let Goddess Lakshmi go. Then Mata Lakshmi told the farmer that if you want me to stay in your house forever, then do as I tell you. Tomorrow is the Teras Tithi of Kartik. After you clean the house, you worship me by lighting a lamp of ghee in the evening. Putting money in a copper urn, I will reside in that urn. I will not leave your house for the whole year by worshiping this one day. The next day the farmer did the same as told by Lakshmiji. The farmer’s house was full of money and grains. Due to this belief, every year the Teras of Kartik month is celebrated as Dhanteras and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped.

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