Everyone knows the White House, but what is his address?

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The White House, the residence of the US President, is considered the safest place in the world. The office and residence address of the President of the United States is ‘1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington DC – United Nations’. It is also the most famous and easily recognized building in the world. The White House serves as both the home and workplace of key presidential staff members and is also an outstanding specimen of America’s historical heritage. It has every facility for the President as well as a bunker in the White House which is used in times of trouble.

The White House took about eight years to build. Its construction was completed between 1792 and 1800. This beautiful building was designed by James Hoban of Ireland. Jungle was first in place of White House The White House is spread over about 18 acres. Earlier there used to be a forest and mountain instead of White House. Some people lived here. But the Congress of America decided in 1789 to create a new capital. Although it was not always named White House. When it was built, it was named ‘President’s Palace’ or ‘President’s Mansion’. 140 guests can stay together The White House has a total of 132 rooms. Apart from this it has 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and three lifts.

The six-story building has two basements, two public floors and the rest of the floor reserved for the US President. In addition, there are five fulltime chefs working at the White House, and 140 guests have dinner together inside the building. Hence the name ‘White House’ The story behind the name of the US House of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is that in 1814, the British Army set fire to many places in Washington DC. It also included the White House.

The fire lost the beauty of its walls, after which it was painted white to make the building attractive again. Since then, it came to be known as the ‘White House’. Then in 1901, the 26th President of America, Theodore Roosevelt, officially named it Whose House. Tehran Iran’s military on Tuesday began a maneuver off the coast of the Gulf of Oman amid tensions with the US and Israel. The government TV channel here gave this information. This is a new series of military exercises by Iran following increased tension with increased pressure from the US on the nuclear program. According to reports, the commando troops and the soldiers who are being taken to the battlefield are taking part in this annual exercise. Along with these, fighter aircraft, helicopters, military cargo planes are also part of the exercise.

The entire exercise is being monitored by Abdul Rahim Mossavi, head of the National Army of Iran. It is noteworthy that Iran has stepped up military preparedness as part of a strategy to pressurize Joe Biden to be elected as the next president of the US. The deal separated America from the outgoing President Donald Trump. Iran executes ‘Great Profit 15’ maneuvers Biden said that the US could withdraw into this multilateral agreement to halt Iran’s nuclear program. Earlier on Saturday, Iran’s paramilitary force Revolutionary Guard and the Navy conducted the exercise on Thursday. Earlier, the Revolutionary Guard of Iran carried out the ‘Great Prophet 15’ maneuver on Friday.

During this time, dozens of missiles were fired simultaneously through Mobile Launch 1R from the desert region. US nuclear warship stood in Indian Ocean, Iran ‘missiles’ of missiles • According to a US Foxi TV report, a long-range missile from Iran fell just 20 miles from a commercial ship in the Indian Ocean. Not only this, the American aircraft carrier USS Nimitzus was also present just 100 miles away. Tensions between the US and Iran have increased during this missile test. Senior US military officials said Iran continues to test the Aksar missile and there is nothing to panic.

Another source said that the vessel which was about 20 miles in length could have been a threat. He told that at least two missiles fell in the Indian Ocean and their debris spread everywhere. “We were expecting this missile test,” said an official. Iran had earlier test-fired several missiles in May last year, one of which fell on its own warship. Many people were killed in it.

Iran also tested its suicide drone during this drill. Iran is believed to have attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil base in 2019 through a similar drone. Iran has long denied that it attacked the Saudi hideout. The attack had such a terrible impact that the worldwide oil supply was staggered. Suicide drones and cruise missiles were used in this attack. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States held Iran responsible for the missile attack. The Iranian drone destroyed several targets like the drones used in the Saudi attack during Friday’s exercises. The Iranian news agency said the latest generation of surface-to-surface killer missiles was tested after a drone attack.

The Revolutionary Guard stated that these missiles were equipped with detachable warheads and could also be controlled from outside the atmosphere. During the trial, Iranian drones massacred the military base of Kalpbhnic enemies. According to the Daily Mail report, Saudi and other anti-Iran countries use the US Patriot Missile Defense System. Iran also tested destroying the system during the drill. Commander Hussain Salami of the Review Shanri Guard and Chief of the Airforce were also present during the drill. The salute said that the purpose of this drill is to send a message to the enemies of Iran and Islam that we are able to protect our sovereignty. He said that this campaign shows the ‘new strength’ and capability of the Revolutionary Guard. During the exercises Iran also demonstrated to the world the self-inflicted drone that bombed the enemy. Iran has conducted this test at a time when USS Nimitz, a nuclear-armed US aircraft carrier, is currently standing in the Indian Ocean. According to a US Foxz TV report, a long-range Iranian missile fell just 20 miles from a commercial ship in the Indian Ocean. Not only this, the American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was also present just 100 miles away. Senior US military officials said Iran continues to test the Aksgar missile and there is nothing to panic.

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