Facebook deleted onions as ‘sexy’, then apologized

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Recently a Canadian store selling ‘seed and gardening’ found that Facebook differentiates onion. That is, on one side is the onion which is normal, and on the other, which Facebook considers ‘sexy’.

In fact, a company called ‘Edu Gaze’, based in the city of St. Johns in Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province, wanted to publish an advertisement of ‘a variety of onion seeds’ on Facebook.

But she was shocked when Facebook rejected an onion advertisement, stating that she was ‘clearly sexy’ (a category of nudity on Facebook).

For this, Facebook has issued a statement apologizing and said that this was due to the ‘self-employed technology’ used by the website.

The advertisement, which Facebook refused to post, had a picture of ‘Walla-Walla’ type of onion. This onion variety is known for its size and sweet taste.

Jackson McLean, manager of EW’s Gaze Store, said that at first he did not understand why Facebook is refusing to publish his advertisement. It took him some time to understand the real reason. Jackson realized after a while that Facebook might be mistaking the onion as a breast.

Jackson knew that his customers would laugh at this Facebook mistake. So he made a video of the rejected advertisement and the message shown by Facebook and posted it.

McLean said that in response to this his customers posted pictures of several vegetables that Facebook may consider incorrect. He also appealed in support of his advertisement through Facebook Sport.

Facebook Canada spokesperson Meg Sinclair said, “We use automated technology to keep nudity away from our website. We and you can identify by looking at onions, we can learn about onion varieties, but technology There is an occasional lapse from that. We have apologized for this and that onion advertisement has been reinstated. “

The store’s manager, McLean, says that a large proportion of sales have gone online since the Corona epidemic.

Walla – Walla is an old type of onion that has suddenly increased demand. People are demanding this. The sale of this onion in the last five years has been done in the last three days, which has now been marked as ‘Sexy Onion’ on the company’s website.

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