Fearing theft, farmer sold world record holder buffalo for 51 lakhs

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Buffalo Saraswati, who set a world record in giving milk, was sold for 51 lakhs. Sukhbir, a farmer by profession, says that he sold this buffalo because he feared it to be stolen. Because of which this was the best solution.

This buffalo came into the limelight when it set a world record by giving 33.131 kg of milk. He had defeated a Pakistani buffalo giving 32.050 kg of milk. After this, she came first. Not only this, the winner buffalo Malik Sukhbir was also given a reward of two lakhs.

According to the information, about four years ago, Sukhbir, a farmer, bought Saraswati from a farmer living in Khokha village in Barwala. After which Saraswati had given birth to many children. Farmers used to earn more than one lakh a month by selling milk and semen of Sukhbir Saraswati.

Saraswati is a world record breaking buffalo. Due to this, farmers from many places were invited to organize the ceremony to sell it. Around 700 farmers from Rajasthan, UP, Punjab attended the ceremony. The highest bidder on Saraswati was bought by Holy Singh of Ludhiana for Rs 51 lakh. Farmer Sukhbir told the media that my buffalo Saraswati won the first prize in Hisar by giving 29.31 kg of milk. Saraswati topped the program by giving 28.7 kg of milk at the Central Institute of Buffalo Research program in Hisar. Not only this, Haryana Livestock Development Board made a record by giving 28.8 kg milk in the competition.

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