Five reasons why Israel has special deal with UAE and Bahrain

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The historic peace deal is going to be signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This agreement will be in the White House of America and the United States has mediated in this deal.

Last week, President Trump said that Bahrain’s foreign minister would also attend the event and would compromise on normalizing relations with Israel.

But why is this deal between these two Arab countries and Israel special?

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1. Gulf countries will get opportunities for trade

The UAE has established itself as a country which is a military force, where trade can be done and which is a place to spend holidays.

It seems that the United States has done this deal with the promise of modern weapons because before that the UAE had no access to modern weapons.

Now the F-35 fighter plane and EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft will be available to UAE. The UAE has used its forces in Libya and Yemen.

But for him, the most dangerous enemy is Iran, which is located on the Gulf side. Israel and America are also worried about Iran. Bahrain as well.

Until 1969, Iran considered its authority over Bahrain. Sunni kings of Bahrain also felt that they had a section of Shia majority in Iran.

Bahrain and the UAE have never had a relationship with Israel before. But now he hopes to do business with Israel. Israel has the most modern technology sector in the world.

Israeli people will also find Gulf Deserts, beaches and malls for holiday. It is also a good business opportunity for all these countries.

2. Israel will not be isolated in the region

The agreement with the UAE and Bahrain for Israel is a feat. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu follows the strategy that was first known by the ‘iron wall’ between Israel and Arab countries in the 1920s.

The thing behind this is that Israel will finally convince the Arab countries that they have no choice but to recognize Israel. Israel does not want to remain isolated in the region of the Middle East. His relations with Egypt and Jordan were also not good.

The people of Israel are also hopeful about relations with Arab countries other than the politics of Jerusalem and the occupied territories. Gathering power against Iran is another benefit.

Netanyahu calls Iran the worst enemy of Israel, sometimes comparing its leaders to the Nazis. He has maintained silence over his concerns over a possible arms deal for the UAE.

Netanyahu is also surrounded by problems. The trial of corruption against them can also send them to jail. Initially, he was praised for the Corona virus epidemic but later the system failed badly.

In Jerusalem, the opposition rallies outside their house almost daily. In such a situation, this program in the White House will bring some relief for them.

3. Donald Trump will also be seen as a seeker of foreign policy

This deal will work for Donald Trump in many ways. One would be maximum pressure on Iran. Second, in the election year, they will be able to promote that they are the world’s best ‘dealmakers’.

If they will do anything good for Israel or especially do something good for the Netanyahu government, then American Christian (evangelical) voters in America will like it.

The alliance of ‘Friends of America’ against Iran can work much better if the Arab countries of the Gulf are openly with Israel. According to President Trump, the ‘agreement of the century’, which was to be between Israel and Palestine, has not been done yet.

But this ‘Ibrahim Pact’ that is taking place between Israel and the UAE will shift the balance of power in the Middle East and the Trump government will present it as a foreign policy success.

4. ‘This is fraud for the Palestinians’

Once again Palestine was left behind. The Palestinians have called this Ibrahim treaty a hoax. Prior to this treaty, the UAE and Bahrain agreed that the price for normalizing relations with Israel was the freedom of Palestinians.

But now Israel is going to make public its relations with Arab countries and Palestinians are still in the possession of Israel in East Jerusalem and West Bank.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed El Nahyan of Abu Dhabi says that he has asked for the price of the deal that Israel will not merge a large part of West Bank. But it seems that Netanyahu is currently withdrawing from the idea of ​​joining West Bank due to international pressure.

The concern of the Palestinians has increased because Bahrain is also involved in this agreement. This would not have happened without Saudi Arabia’s consent. Saudi itself laid the foundation of the Arab Peace Accord and demanded the independence of Palestine.

It is difficult for King Salman to recognize Israel, but his son Mohammad bin Salman may not hesitate to do so.

5. New headache for Iran

Iranian leaders have criticized the deal several times. This Ibrahim Pact will put pressure on them. Trump’s sanctions are already financially troubling for Iran. Now there will be a problem strategically as well.

Israel’s airbases are far away from Iran. But the UAE is just across the bay. This will become important if the talk of airstroke at Iran’s nuclear sites happens again. Israel, USA, Bahrain, UAE now have many new options And Iran will have less.

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