Gautam Gambhir is giving Fabiflu to Corona patients for free, AAP said- drug storage crime

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BJP MP Gautam Gambhir, who announced the distribution of tablet Fabiflu free in his parliamentary constituency, has come under attack from AAP. AAP leaders have leveled at Gautam Gambhir.

There is a huge shortage of medicines used to treat corona. Apart from many states, there is a shortage of important medicines in the capital Delhi. Meanwhile, BJP MP from East Delhi Gautam Gambhir is distributing the tablet Fabiflu used in the treatment of Corona in his parliamentary constituency for free. Gautam Gambhir announced this by tweeting on Wednesday.

He said, “People of East Delhi can take” Fabiflu “from my office (2, Jagriti Enclave) for free between 10 and 5. Get your Aadhaar and doctor’s slip”

Gautam Gambhir on your target

At the same time, after the BJP MP’s move, the state’s ruling party AAP has attacked. AAP leaders said that drug storage is a crime. AAP MLA Somnath Bharti said, “Isn’t it a crime? An MP is storing medicines and distributing them at will. Why should they not give it to the hospital?” Another AAP leader Rajesh Sharma said that due to this reason Remedesvir, Fabiflu and other important medicines are missing from the market. BJP leaders are storing them. We have seen this in Gujarat also. A case should be filed against such leaders.

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