Government and private hospitals in Delhi only for residents of the capital: Kejriwal

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that all government and private hospitals, except the central government hospitals, will be available only to patients in the national capital.

CM said that this arrangement has been done due to increasing number of corona patients in Delhi. A total of 27,654 corona patients have been found so far in the capital. Here 761 people have died of this epidemic. Kejriwal said that only Delhi residents will be allowed to be treated in private hospitals in Delhi. However, as an exception, only those hospitals that allow such treatment, which are not available elsewhere, will be allowed to treat outside patients.

Restaurants, malls and religious places will open from tomorrow

He announced that Delhi’s borders will open tomorrow from Monday. Along with this, restaurants, malls and religious places will also be allowed to open from tomorrow. Hotels and wedding houses are currently closed because the government may need to convert them into hospitals in the coming times.

Center Hospital for All

Regarding the hospitals, the CM said that it was decided about the medical facilities in the cabinet held today. With the opening of the borders of the capital on Monday, this system will be implemented that 10 thousand beds available in Delhi government hospitals will be for the residents of the capital only. But 10 thousand beds of central government hospitals will be for all patients. Anyone can get treatment in central government hospitals. Private hospitals in Delhi will also be reserved only for the people of Delhi. However, some private hospitals are exempt from this rule because they carry out unavailable surgeries and treatments (such as neurosurgery) in other parts of the country. He said that this would be a fair balance between the people of Delhi and other states.

We have never denied patients before

On this sensitive issue, Kejriwal said that we never refused outside patients, whereas 60-70 percent of the patients in our hospitals are from other states. Delhi’s borders will be opened from Monday. Many people will come to Delhi for treatment. The question is whether the hospitals in Delhi will bear this burden. A five-member committee formed for the assessment of health services and most of the people have recommended reserving the hospital in Delhi for the local people.

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