Government’s decision to increase MSP amid farmers’ opposition

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The government has decided to increase the minimum support price (MSP) of crops. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved this. The Agriculture Minister has issued a new MSP of six Rabi crops.

This decision has been taken when the farmers are worried about the new agricultural bills that it is going to affect the current minimum support price.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about the decision that, “Increased MSP will empower farmers and contribute to doubling their income. Along with the legislation related to agricultural reforms passed in Parliament, increased MSP will increase the dignity and prosperity of farmers.” Will make sure. Jai farmer! “

Despite assurances from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers that the new law will not affect the MSP, farmers are protesting over the issue.

The MSP of wheat has been increased by Rs 50 per quintal. After this, the MSP of wheat from this season will be Rs. 1975 per quintal. Wheat is the main crop of Punjab and Haryana. In these two states, the farmers are the most agitated against agricultural bills.

In addition to wheat, the MSP of oilseeds has also been increased to Rs 225 per quintal. After this increase, the minimum support price of oilseeds will be Rs 4,650.

The MSP of gram and lentils has also been enlarged. While the MSP of gram has been increased by Rs 225 per quintal, the maximum increase in MSP of lentil has been Rs 300.

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