Homosexuality and Myths

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A few days ago there was a film Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, in which a gay couple was shown struggling with family society and parents for their marriage, it was somewhere very close to the truth of our society and the behavior towards homosexuals.

Gender identity disorder is also a valid reason for this. This is a disease that is responsible for homosexuality.

Now that homosexuality is not illegal, gay people are coming out in the open. The hesitation that such couples used to have in accepting their relationship earlier, has now reduced. Whatever the law says, but still such couples have not got approval in the society. People hesitate to accept such couples because they have many types of beliefs and prejudices about these people. We are telling about some such myths.

Myth – It’s Hereditary

True homosexuality is not hereditary, many factors can be responsible for this. Many people are emotionally dependent on their mother or father or siblings since childhood, due to this they can be interested in men or women and they can adopt homosexuality. Gender identity disorder is also a valid reason for this. This is a disease that is responsible for homosexuality. There are many theories about this on the basis of which it is talked about. The exact reasons are not yet known, yet it is a psychological fact that physical attraction to the same sex is not unnatural. Anyway, man is bisexual by nature, so he can be interested in anyone. Dr. Reena told that there was no homosexual in any of the couples who came to me. According to him no one can be made homosexual. Being gay is as natural as the relationship between a man and a woman.

Myth – These people are unusual

According to the true psychiatrists, then these people are of common intelligence like you and us, the only difference is the interest of sex. If we see the rest, then their intelligence is also normal. Talking about emotions, they are very emotional because they are always worried about their acceptability. For them, the first protest starts from home, because parents and families see homosexuality as a link to social status. There is a different definition of being normal for each one, but when it comes to homosexuals, since the birth of children in their relationship is not possible in a normal way, the society does not consider this relationship to be normal. Proceeding the lineage is a part of our social thinking, which is not possible to fulfill by this. But if the psychiatrists are to be believed, then the matter here is not about being normal, but about their interest in sex. If a person feels attracted towards the same sex then it is completely normal.

According to Dr Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist at Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, it is normal for a person to be interested in one’s own sex because such people do not have any attraction towards the opposite sex. Psychiatrists say that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon that is self-chosen and is circumstantial, in which there is an unknown fear such as whether I will be able to satisfy the opposite sex or whether it is pseudo-homosexuality.

Myth – They are more prone to sexually transmitted infections

Truth – Some people are of the opinion that sex workers, eunuchs, drug addicts and homosexuals are more likely to get AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Not long ago, due to the lack of legal recognition of homosexuality, we could not stay at home with the same partner, so having a relationship with more than one person due to physical needs is also the main reason. However, it is not that STD occurs only in homosexuals, it also happens in heterosexual people. There is a risk of such diseases even if safety is not taken care of in sexual relations. Therefore it is a myth that sexually transmitted diseases are more common in homosexuals.

Myth – Marriage is the solution

The biggest myth related to true homosexuals is that if they get married then everything will be fine, while it is not so at all. Many times parents get married by putting pressure, in such a situation, the life of the person who gets married gets spoiled, but the guilt of ruining the life of others also makes their child depressed, all together marriage is not the solution. If your child has told you about his sexual preference, then never make the mistake of marrying him by putting pressure on him because it will spoil two lives. Such marriages do not give anything except dissatisfaction because such people do not develop any feelings towards the opposite sex, in such a situation they are unable to make a relationship with their partner, as a result the marriage breaks up.

Myth – These offspring are incapable of growth

Truth – People say that if such a marriage takes place, then what will happen to the offspring because it will not be possible to produce children in a natural way. But the truth is that if the child wishes, then nowadays it can be done through IVF. Child adoption is also a good option. If a person who does not feel inclined towards the opposite sex lives with his partner and wants his biological child, then egg donation or sperm donation and surrogacy is a good solution. According to psychiatrists, sex is not only a way to have a child, but it is also a way to show emotional attachment and get the love of your partner.

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